Jon Rappoport: CDC Caught Falsifying COVID-19 Numbers

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Jon Rappoport

Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC

The Atlantic, May 21, has the story, headlined, “How could the CDC make that mistake?”

“Just when governors are trying to reopen their economies, a gigantic case-counting deception at the CDC is taking the wind out of their sails. The millions of Americans suffering financial devastation could be pushed back into a hole. Who is screaming to high heaven about THAT on the nightly news? No one. Why not?”

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Caitlin Johnston: Real Revolution Means Expanding Consciousness, Both Outwardly and Inwardly

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Real Revolution Means Expanding Consciousness, Both Outwardly And Inwardly

The fight to liberate humanity from oppression, exploitation, butchery and madness is really a fight to expand consciousness.

The existential threats our species now faces are ultimately due to the fact that powerful people advance omnicidal, ecocidal, oppressive, violent and exploitative agendas behind veils of secrecy and propaganda distortion. They do evil things while deliberately keeping people unconscious of those evil things, so that the people will not use the power of their numbers to stop them.

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Mongoose: 4 Things Media Hides About Black Lives Matter

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4 Things the Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About Black Lives Matter

  • Trained Marxists
  • Sponsored by Deep State Foundation
  • Goal is to Destroy Nuclear Family
  • Overseen by a convicted felon who bombed buildings in Washington, D.C.

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John Petersen: Zach Bush with Sacha Stone – CV19 Is A Poison Not a Disease

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CV19 is a poison not a disease. It arises as the interaction of Roundup glyphosate in food, air pollution and 5G. Cyanide poisoning is what results from glyphsate closing down biological defenses while air pollution and 5G make it all worse.  Cynanide poisoning can be overcome in one day with $10 anti-cynanide protocol.

Superb conclusion on how humanity has isolated itself from our natural ecology, poisoned our ecology, and can reverse all of this by re-engaging with one another and Mother Earth while demanding an end to all poisons.