Mongoose: 5G Genocide – Ecocide Law Suit Gains Traction

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This legal case against the FCC offers us an unparalleled chance of stopping 5G in its tracks.

The Irregulators, a team of senior telecom experts, are exposing in court the illegal accounting scheme to replace wired networks with wireless and make us pay for it!
EON overview:

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Yoda: Adding P to LGBT

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Normalizing pedophilia is criminally insane.

Adding P to LGBT

Matthew Hanley

Phi Beta Iota: Children are not able to consent. In the UK their heads are held under in a bathtub full of water while they are sodomized. The normalization of pedophilia — as with the normalization of so many other perversions and forms of mis-behavior, is part of the Deep State’s design to destroy society.

Mongoose: Could Modern Science Hit Unethical Companies Hard? Can a Public Demand for the Truth at Any Cost Stop 5G?

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Modern Science Could Hit Unethical Companies Where It Hurts

The underhanded tactics Monsanto and other chemicals makers use to hide the dangers in products like Roundup are perfectly legal. But it’s getting harder to keep the mounting evidence secret.

Phi Beta Iota: Worth a look but hypocritical in that academia and media have been happy to be bribed to look the other ways on everything. Holistic analytics and true cost economics are the non-negotiable starting points.

Ellen Brown: How to Pay For It All – An Option the Candidates Missed

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Ellen Brown

How to Pay for It All: An Option the Candidates Missed

Kyouryoku,” the Japanese word for cooperation, is composed of characters that mean “together strength” – “stronger by working together.” This is a recognized principle in Asian culture and it is an approach we would do well to adopt. What US presidential candidates from both parties should talk about is how to modify the law so that Congress, the Administration and the central bank can work together in setting monetary policy, following the approaches successfully modeled in China and Japan.

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Yoda: Most Americans Can’t Afford to Pay Rent, Eat Food, Buy Stuff, or Get Sick (And It’s Just Going to Get WORSE)

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Alert Reader writes in:

Most Americans Can’t Afford to Pay Rent, Eat Food, Buy Stuff, or Get Sick (And It’s Just Going to Get WORSE)

“A recent study found that more than 63 percent of American children and 55 percent of Americans live in “asset poverty”. This means they have few or no assets to rely on in the event of a financial emergency such as a job loss, a medical crisis, recessions, or natural disasters.

In a press release, study co-author David Rothwell, an assistant professor in OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, explained that when families lack assets such as vehicles, homes, savings accounts or investments, surviving a financial crisis is very difficult. “This is a dimension of financial security that we don’t think about that much, and it’s pretty high. The findings highlight the extent of financial insecurity among American families. These shocks ripple through the family and down to the children,” Rothwell said.

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Yoda: Testing President Trump on 9/11 Disclosure Promise – US Attorney is CONCEALING Fact that DoJ is Slow-Rolling the 9/11 Grand Jury

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Election issue, this will be.

Lawyers’ Committee to File Mandamus Petition as U.S. Attorney Declines to Disclose Status of 9/11 Grand Jury Proceeding


Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth


Randy Short: American Drag Queen Pedophile in Library with Kids Urged to Lie on Top of “It” — Normalized Filth from the Liberal Pedophilia Friendly Left…

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Shocking photos: Kids lie on man dressed as woman at ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

PORTLAND, Oregon, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A west coast public library “Drag Queen Story Time” has evolved beyond drag queens reading pro-gay and pro-transgender books to kids to permitting children to frolic on the floor and lie on top of a man dressed as a woman.

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Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota

Yoda: Video Tour of Los Angeles Tent City — Homeless Desperation Amist Disease & Filth

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Brandon Straka, the creator the walk-away campaign toured the tent city part of Los Angeles to check out for himself if the news reflect the truth. In his own words, it is much, much worse than he expected and he took a short film of what he described as “the worst war zone ever, reminiscent of the footage of WWII bombed cities, with an unbelievable stench, trash strewn everywhere and remnants of people chasing him away and preventing him from filming. A true vision of apocalypse worse than anything ever seen in third-world countries.