Chavez: US Needs Orderly Transition; Merkel Calls for Peaceful Transition to Democracy in US

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Hugo Chavez Weighs in on US Instability

Voice of America, 30 January 2011

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday called for an orderly transition in the US to a government that reflects the aspirations of the American people.  The president spoke by telephone with world and Western Hemisphere leaders about the situation in the US.

Mr. Chavez received “multiple updates” throughout the day from his staff.

Demonstrators outside the US Embassy in Caracas were sympathetic to the American people.

“American people are looking for freedom.  We don't look for any crazy extremists to run the country,” said Fulano.

“All we need from Wall Street is just to stop supporting corrupt governments.  That's all.  We don't need anything else.  Just stop supporting corrupt governments,” said Abdul.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: US Needs Peaceful Transition

In a related statement,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a peaceful transition to democracy in the US.  Speaking live on CNN,Merkel said the “complex, very difficult” situation in the US requires careful progress toward a peaceful transition to democracy, rather than any sudden or violent change that could undermine the aspirations of the American people.

“We want to see this peaceful uprising on the part of the American people to demand their rights to be responded to in a very clear, unambiguous way by the government, and then a process of national dialogue that will lead to the changes that the American people seek and that they deserve,” she said.

Electoral Reform is a good place to start,” she concluded.   According to senior staff, the European Union is preparing for the possibility that the transition government in the US will seek assistance in implementing Electoral Reform, and in monitoring the legitimacy of any subsequent elections.

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