Robert Steele: Weak Signals — Suburban Moms for Trump

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My ‘suburban mom’ demographic is supposedly all in for Biden. But I’m voting for Trump.

Two candidates, two very different Americas. For this suburban mom, the choice couldn’t be clearer.

Southern Poverty Law Center on QAnon

QAnon is the umbrella term for a sprawling spiderweb of right-wing internet conspiracy theories with antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ elements that falsely claim the world is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles who worship Satan and are plotting against President Trump. Though some influential individuals are active in the movement, it is not an organized group with defined leadership.

What a contrast.  For a good time on Satanists and murderous pedophiles (look for specific names in the tag cloud) go to  For a good time on asymmetric information operations scripted out for years, start with Let the games comes to their planned conclusion.

Robert Steele: Movie B Roll Photos

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In reverse order, as requested for the movie about to be released.  There are no releasable photos from my time as a spy.

1994 Against all opposition from the CIA, resigned from the USMC and kept going with the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) revolution. Former DCI Bill Colby understood — he was murdered two years later.

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