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This is the letter from the Papal Nuncio in Washington DC responding to the second draft of the proposed letter to the Most Holy Father, and the email response from Robert Steele.  The Nuncio's reaction is completely reasonable, but overlooks the importance of achieving God's will on Earth as in Heaven in the context of the Pope's ecumenical vision, the doubling of the Muslim population, and the peaking of the Muslim youth bulge at a time when the legitimacy of most governments is in question, particularly in the Middle East.

The email response:

Thank you.  I'm off to Rome, you can see the letter that was delivered in Rome this morning at the following URL:

For various reasons, including my own lack of clarity in the earlier drafts, the absence in your mission of a deep understanding of what is proposed, and our being unable to meet before my going to Rome this evening, your mission has–I say this with humility and respect–completely missed the point.

I hope the final letter makes the objectives clearer.  No gathering of religious leaders is proposed, only staff gatherings in preparation to support the planned gathering.  I believe the final letter is much clearer.

Upon my return, should there be an interest in actually understanding why the spiritual requires inter-faith information-sharing to diminish the material corruption that is an obstacle to the ecumenical goals of the Most Holy Father, I would welcome an invitation to sit down with any of you.

My profound apologies for my lack of clarity in the earlier drafts.  Others provided the clarity for the final draft, a role that I had hoped your mission would play.  On Monday your mission and several others will receive a priority mail of the final letter along with a letter of transmittal to the President of Chile, where I just briefed the vision absent the knowledge of the Assisi Summit.  Now I am connecting the two.  That is all I can do, from here it is in God's hands.

E Veritate Potens

Letter to Pope Benedict XVI as Delivered in Rome

Letter to President of Chile

English Version of ENTEL Strategic Memorandum

Spanish Version of ENTEL Strategic Memorandum

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