Afghan Imams to Petraeus: And take Karzai…

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So much for our COIN strategy.  I knew it wouldn't work because it is a
hollow approach.  You cannot get to the population living in reinforced
garrisons while the rank and file walk the streets.  When you are all
armored up and travel through a town in vehicles whose drivers pay no
attention what is going on you will loose the support of the public….and
that is a daily occurrence in AF….

Afghan imams wage political battle against U.S.

Joshua Partlow and Habib Zahori

Washington Post, Feburary 17, 2011

For the U.S. government, and for the 100,000 American troops fighting in
Afghanistan, the messages delivered last Friday could hardly have been

Under the weathered blue dome of Kabul's largest mosque, a distinguished
preacher, Enayatullah Balegh, pledged support for “any plan that can
defeat” foreign military forces in Afghanistan, denouncing what he called “the political power of these children of Jews.”

Across town, a firebrand imam named Habibullah was even more blunt.

“Let these jackals leave this country,” the preacher, who uses only one name, declared of foreign troops. “Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country. The people of Afghanistan should determine their own fate.”

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