Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, USA–No Legitimacy

08 Wild Cards, Corruption
Chuck Spinney Recommends....

Anyone who thinks we ought to stay in Afghanistan and that the Afghanis want us to stay should carefully read and think about the information in this important report.

Chuck Spinney

King David’s War

Petraeus has a new plan to finish the war: Double down on a failed strategy

David Hastings, Rolling Stone, 02/02/11  Read long analytic article…

Phi Beta Iota: Highly recommended long article that illuminates both the lack of intelligent strategy, operations, and tactics in Afghanistan, and the lack of ethical, informed, strategic leadership in Washington.

Two more recommended items  below the line…

How About a Clean Break – with Israel?

Philip Giraldi, 2 February 2010

Today, as American foreign policy looks more like a shipwreck than a victory lap, there is perhaps a need for a Clean Break by Washington.  As the relationship with Tel Aviv has an impact far beyond Israel’s size and importance it should, ironically, be the first element in the foreign policy disaster that is examined.  Read more….

Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu

Juan Cole, Informed Comment, 3 Feb 2011

It should be remembered that Egypt’s elite of multi-millionaires has benefited enormously from its set of corrupt bargains with the US and Israel and from the maintenance of a martial law regime that deflects labor demands and pesky human rights critiques. It is no wonder that to defend his billions and those of his cronies, Hosni Mubarak was perfectly willing to order thousands of his security thugs into the Tahrir Square to beat up and expel the demonstrators, leaving 7 dead and over 800 wounded, 200 of them just on Thursday morning.  Read more….

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