Internet Work-Arounds for Egypt Updated

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Phi Beta Iota: With a Tip of the Hat to Michael Bauwens, the force behind the P2P Foundation and its growing Wiki on Open Everything, below are a few entries from a 20 Item List for Egypt that provides a model for preparing in advance for all other countries including the USA (recommended: by state and by the Nine Regions).  This list does not include OpenBTS and solar-powered Internet hubs (each parish) with satellite communications uplinks (each diocese), for that read below the line.

20 Ways to Circumvent the Egyptians Governments Internet Block

01] Nour DSL is still working in Egypt, Dial up with 0777 7776 or 07777 666

02] IP addresses for social media: pass on to people in #Egypt: Twitter: Facebook:

03] How to circumvent the communications blackout in #Egypt Arabic

09] #Egypt hams are on 7.050-7.200 MHz LSB

15] People of Egypt ONLY! Use this dial-up provided by friends in France to go online: +33172890150 (login ‘toto' password ‘toto')

16] FREE VPN Server to bypass ANY Blockage on ANY ADSL or Cell Network. Domain: User: FreeEgypt Pass: #Jan25

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Phi Beta Iota: We are in touch with some really excellent minds not listened to by the US Government.  Here are a few things the US Government SHOULD be doing for the revolutions in Egypt also emergent in Syria and Saudi Arabia….

1)  Toll-free international dial-up lines as well as free local access numbers to international dial-up.

2)  Ship in (this should be a global program) solar-powered Internet nodes, creating a mesh network

3)  Drop in Wi-Max hubs with satellite connections (no cost to end-users)

4)  Put SMS gateways on all hubs

5)  Free cell phones with SMS capability to any who need one (or an unregistered unlocked one)

6)  Support the Google-Twitter voice into twitter initiative

7)  Explore and test microwave and vsat options

Phi Beta Iota: The US Government–and the Most Holy Father–are failing completely to understand that the Facebook generation is NOT the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been sidelined.  They are also inherently secular to open-minded and not radical Islamic fundamentalists.  We are at a fork in the road of modern history, and neither governments nor religions appear to have a clue as to what they can and should be doing to get it right for the future.

IMAGINE: Every church, every mosque, every synagogue, every meeting house as a solar-powered Internet node with free satellite uplink, all of them in the aggregate creating an Internet mesh not subject to government or corporate censorship…..

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