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Rising Wisely

This blog is focused on India’s development from the perspective of the Next Generation Infrastructure Lab at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), a Bangalore think tank launched in 2008. The bloggers are CSTEP’s researchers, its visiting students, and scholars. It is a collaborative, creative space to blog about the issues that we think about at CSTEP, including clean energy and climate change, transportation, infrastructure, information design, how to make technology and information more democratic, and ways technology can make democracy more participatory.

C-K Theory Explained

Breakthrough in theory of learning and innovation

Based on mathematics but also executable at multiple levels

Powerful framework, especially for engineers

Essence of the problem: what is creativity–RESISTENCE to past fixations

Provoke expansion in a step by step way, adding properties, studying attributes, rearranging both

Already existing knowledge does not lead to innovation in a natural way–innovation has to be forced by circumstance or process–this is a process that forces innovation.

C-K theory implements forcing as a process

Mixing attributes and properties from disparate objects (e.g. floating and flying) can force a new third way.

C stands for the Concept Space

K stands for the Knowledge Space

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