Rules for Governing Cyber-Conflict

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First Joint Russian-U.S. report on Cyber Conflict

The EastWest Institute released the first joint Russian-American report aimed at defining the “rules of the road” for cyber conflict.  Prepared by a team of Russian and U.S. experts convened by EWI, Working Towards Rules for Governing Cyber Conflict: Rendering the Geneva and Hague Conventions in Cyberspace explores how to extend the humanitarian principles that govern war to cyberspace.

“Today, nearly all critical civilian infrastructure is online, from the electricity grids that support hospitals to the systems that guide passenger planes through the air,” says EWI Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Fellow Karl Rauscher, who led the U.S. experts group.  “And, by and large, it is not protected by international norms.”

Phi Beta Iota: Pity they did not think of this when Winn Schwartau first brought it up in 1990 testimony to Congress, or Robert Steele first documented with precision what was needed in 1994.  Colin Gray in Modern Strategy: Time is the one strategic asset that cannot be bought nor replaced.  We've wasted 20 years and we look like we are about to waste another 20.

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