Solar-Powered Internet Hot Spots–Anywhere

Autonomous Internet, Collective Intelligence
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SolarNetOne: Solar-powered networking for anyone

Linux and open technologies deliver the Internet anywhere

Summary: In many parts of the world, the power grid is shoddy, computers are scarce, and connectivity is even rarer. Thus, as with many other modern practices and technologies, populations are increasingly bifurcated into the “computing haves” and the “computing have-nots.” But many are addressing the divide. SolarNetOne is a turnkey Internet hotspot—power, computers, and satellite uplink—you can install virtually anywhere, for less than the cost of a subcompact car.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is not to be confused with OpenBTS and $2 a month cellular service, but it does appear to be promising.  Read more at the IBM developerWorks page for SolarNetOne.

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