Tahrir Project: Decentralized Anonymous Twitter

Autonomous Internet

The Tahrir Project

Tahrir will be decentralized anonymous Twitter, from the crazy fool that brought you Freenet. It is early days but I'm making rapid progress.

Tahrir aims to be a distributed, decentralized, scalable, and anonymous “workalike” for Twitter.

Autonomous Internet Google Group Comment: Not sure what it solves what http://code.google.com/p/torchat/ doesn't do live.  Also, I wonder why they picked MIX and not PIR, as Twatr isn't too latency-sensitive, so you can pick systems more resistant to timing analysis.

Riposte: I imagine it's got a good name is a good reason for the trend. As we've seen in this group, the tech isn't always what brings people it's the political implications of what they are doing. The best tech may not win.

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