Worth a Look: MasrLeaks Hunt for Mubarak Global Hidden Wealth and Directory of Corruption in Egypt

Worth A Look

With the success of the Jan 25 revolution, which brought down the Regime of Ex-President Hosny Mubarak, the state of Egypt is currently undergoing a purge for all the corrupt figures that surrounded that Regime. Corruption and Nepotism ran rampant there for 30 years, and the Mubarak Family amassed massive amounts of wealth during their totalitarian rule of Egypt. Now that this era is past us, it’s time to hold accountable the Mubarak Family and all of those who aided them or benefited from them. This is where MasrLeaks comes in.

MasrLeaks is founded by Egyptian activists as an attempt to harness the power of the netzines to track down the properties and wealth of the Mubarak family, and other prominent regime figures. It also aims to create a directory for all corruption in Egypt, in order to facilitate and instill transparency in the Egyptian political culture. For the sake of fairness, MasrLeaks demands that any information submitted to it to be well sourced, and documented.


Phi Beta Iota: An anti-corruption wiki and a system for using Twitter and Facebook and SMS to back office web directories, all focused on reporting and erradicating corruption, appears to be inevitable.

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