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Below the Line: A Cautious Observer Comments & a Total Slam on Benjamin Fulford

A Cautious Observer Comments

HAARP has been around for a few decades now, and it has been the focus of a lot of mind-frenzy from what may be the lunatic fringe (and which might actually be totally non-lunatic and right on). While in principle HAARP may be able to do what is claimed for it, whether or not it can do those things in practice I simply cannot say. I don't know. I am agnostic on this one, while feeling entirely confident that the Oligarchy definitely would ruthlessly use all those claimed capabilities of HAARP if it served their power-and-control purposes.

Here's a similar, and even more far out, example of something that we do not know for sure, either way: that space aliens have contracted with the global oligarchy to have them provide human (and other?) animal meat for off-planet consumption. I have no experience or evidence to confirm or disprove this claim, only a strong but probabilistic skepticism (it doesn't “seem likely”) which would not change any actual facts of the matter. And there are UFO fanatics and David-Icke-type cultists that espouse this and similar notions as part of their radical worldview and personal psychological drama. And indeed, there are peripheral “factoids” that are consonant with all sorts of space-alien presences on Earth, and all sorts of fishy secrecy-maintaining and obfuscation-and-denial-engine official statements and concealments. All told, it is indeterminate, and so I am agnostic on this one.

A billion watts is a lot of energy from a human perspective; yet from a planetary perspective it isn't much at all. The application of a billion watts of energy could be lost in the general flow, or, if applied in a carefully-chosen location or situation, could act catalytically to generate a result much greater that just that billion watts acting on its own.

In principle, lifting the atmosphere (which locally represents a tremendous weight on the surface of the planet) with a HAARP pulse could unweight a stuck section of moving-and-bent crustal plates, triggering an earthquake that had previously been only a latent build-up of stress. I doubt it could actually cause an earthquake on its own in this way if there had been no prior build-up of stress in an earthquake zone, but I an uncertain of this in practice. Along with triggering earthquakes on, say, the “ring of fire,” incipient or dormant volcanos could be triggered into activity.

In principle, HAARP could take advantage of the piezoelectric properties of the planet's crust at large (and of specific materials within the crust) to convert its billion-watt energy pulse into a mechanical movement or “twitch,” with consequences that in practice could only be known through experimentation.

In principle, HAARP could send energies into the atmosphere and crust (and maybe even the mantle) at the resonant frequencies of materials there, to create a gong-effect in the crust that would dissipate out through the crust, and cause effects that, again, would be determined through experimentation. Were there multiple HAARP-antenna-array sites (or even mobile arrays), these effects could in principle converge and intensify locally like waves in water that peak where they intersect, or they could be bounced-off or channeled between layers in the atmosphere: they could be aimed.

In principle, HAARP could change the properties of the ionosphere (and other layers of the atmosphere) and those of the earth's magnetic field to allow different penetration of solar-wind and other particles such as cosmic rays, changing the planetary albedo (by changing the number of cloud-seeding particles) and thereby the surface temperature and thereby the climate. Over how wide an area this could be done is unclear, subject to the same uncertainties listed above. It may be only a coincidence that the original HAARP array(s?) have been situated in polar regions, where the magnetosphere gateways are to be found as it comes closest to the earth.

Combining these effects (and others not mentioned, such as the effects on living organisms directly and in combination with distributed chemicals with their own resonant frequencies – shall we fold in all the chemtrail mind-frenzies, too?) could do all sorts of nasty things, limited only by the moral integrity and compassion of the would-be godlike players of this cosmic harp. Mind-control, weather control, health-control – all with plausible deniability as any HAARP effects intensify and blend in with the natural background-phenomena noise.

As always, what at first seems to be a physical or economic crisis is really a political crisis, and what at first seems to be a political crisis is really a moral crisis. The Oligarchy, from their perspective, would characterize that all as a technical crisis having to do with their skill and expertise in applying their shiny new toy. Perhaps it would be better to go with the space aliens instead of our own devil we know all too well.

Keep on smilin'…

Total Slam on Benjamin Fulford

Regarding Benjamin Fulford's latest “report” that the recent Japanese earthquake was created by an American “HAARP” device, let me first comment that I've been critically reviewing Fulford's “reports” for four years now, since 2007.  He always jumps on any current event, earthquakes or what have you, with a bizzare interpretation.  Fulford is a disinformation specialist of the same fold as David Booth (aka “Sorcha Faal”), whose modus operandi is to mix a few truths (5-10% truth) in with absolute manure, with the objective of confusing people.  He borrows things that other people have been saying for years, and that everyone already knows about, like (for example) Bush Sr.'s Skull & Bones and Nazi connections (Oh…big news flash there, Fulford), topical subjects to which Fulford is a latecomer.  He tosses in names like Rothschild and Rockefeller to get people's attention and trust, but he's most likely working for those very people.  As to his purpose and objective behind this deliberate disinfo, it is my opinion that it is a feeble attempt to discredit valid alternative news sources like Alex Jones, as well as just plain keep people confused.  His purpose is also to sell books in Japan, which he does.  I reject the argument that, as Henry Makow suggests (and I do have respect for Mr. Makow), that Fulford is himself simply misled or confused.  I say this because of the sheer volume of bunk Fulford cranks out.  He is not innocent, he is not “misled.”  Here's some examples:

  • Fulford supported Bush's “troop surge” in Iraq.
  • In 2007, Fulford claimed that Iran was near the top of the Illuminati “power pyramid,” and that Iran intended to “consolidate their control over the Muslim and Christian worlds before finishing world conquest by taking over China and India.”  This kind of manure only serves the elite agenda.
  • Fulford also consistently exonerates Germany, inferring that they have nothing to do with the Illuminati or NWO.  I'm LOL over that one.  As Henry Makow correctly commented, Germany is at the top of the Illuminati's power pyramid.
  • Fulford has claimed that evil “Italian royalty” are bent on recreating the “Roman empire,” and that the “good guys” who'll save us all from them are the “other royal families” of Europe (“British, Dutch..”) along with the wonderful “Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, MI6CIA…”   Nothing could be further from the truth.  It's precisely these “other royal families” of Europe that are the real problem, and they and their bankers are precisely the ones behind the blood-soaked “Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, MI6CIA.” They aren't good guys.  And the empire that they are re-establishing is not the 2,000-year-old “Roman” empire, but is instead the 1,500-year-old Holy Roman Empire, which is “neither Holy nor Roman” (Voltaire).  It is German.  It is quite telling that Fulford never mentions the word “German” in listing the ethnicities of European royal families, given that they are virtually all German, including the British royal family.  The “G” word is conspicuous in its absence.
  • In many of Fulfords “reports,” a recurring theme is that we are all on the verge of being saved from the “bad guys” by some mysterious “good” organization at the very top, so we the people really don't have to do anything ourselves.  Why, we can all just sit back and twiddle our thumbs, and everything will be OK.  Fulford says: “The solution is not going to come from the people rising up . . . the solution will start at the top.”   This is intentionally misleading, not innocent.

And, regarding Fulford's latest “report,” which you and others sent to me, which includes a video about “HAARP” causing the Japanese earthquakes …well, I make the following observations:

  • Notice that Fulford is sitting and talking with some Japanese man, and Fulford's voice-over tells us supposedly what they were discussing, but we do not hear the actual conversation.  Are we to believe that Fulford actually taped such a supposedly vitally important meeting without recording the sound?  Even if the dialogue were in Japanese, it should have been included as background.  But no.  We only have Fulford's word in the voice-over as to what was actually discussed.  For all we really know, they were betting on the Super Bowl.  Very suspicious that the sound was not included.
  • Fulford states that the “next target” of the “HAARP earthquake machine”  will be “the New Madrid fault line in the South-Western United States…”  Very interesting, Mr. Fulford, given that the New Madrid fault is not in the Southwest but in the East Central United States, centered at the conjunction of Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri.  Fulford may have pulled “New Madrid” from the fact that there have been small rumblings in the actual New Madrid fault area over the last few months, which made national news. He unfortunately got his U.S. geography wrong.  Or perhaps Fulford has learned from his mysterious “unnamed high-ranking intelligence sources” that the New Madrid fault moved 1,500 miles without anyone detecting it.  Just for the record, in reality, geologists (not Fulford) have warned for decades of the real potential for a catastrophic earthquake in New Madrid fault.  The largest earthquake in U.S. history occurred here in 1812, so powerful that it made the Mississippi river run backwards for a while, and made church bells ring as far away as New Orleans.
  • Fulford says “…one million American Satanists are using earthquake weapon blackmail in an effort to force New Zealand to give them their South Island as a refuge.”   Well, hmm.  That would seem quite unwise of this particular cabal, given the recent earthquakes is New Zealand.  Perhaps this cabal is just very stupid?

If you want to learn what really caused it, from someone who actually predicted the recent Japanese earthquake a month before it happened, as opposed to claiming after the fact (like Fulford) that they had predicted it, see the following link.  TheBarCaroller also predicted the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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