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Phi Beta Iota: Coincident with the emergence of the Collective Intelligence and Open Everything movements, and despite the enormous fragmentation of human knowledge by an academy that has lost sight of the importance of multi-disciplinary or “holistic” human intelligence, the field of Evolutionary Psychology is maturing rapidly while also branching to connect to Neuroscience.  On the fringe, Cyber-Idiocy is a growth industry, as the mandarins of the past strive to achieve “Full-Spectrum Dominance” not realizing that all they are doing is accelerating push-back from an increasingly self-aware humanity that cannot be repressed.

The below list is a useful start.

2011 Evolutionary Psychology (David M. Buss, 4th Edition from 1999)

2009 The Biology of Religious Behavior (Jay R. Feierman)

2008 Evolutionary Psychology (Lance Workman, Will Reader)

2007 The Most Dangerous Animal (David Livingston Smits)

2007 The Evolution of Mind (Steven Gangestad, Jeffery A. Simpson)

2007 Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience (Steven M. Platek, et al.)

2006 Genes in Conflict (Austin Burt, Robert Trivers)

2006 Evolution and Social Psychology (Mark Schaller, et al.)

2005 The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology (David M. Buss)

2004 Evolutionary Thought in Psychology (Henry Plotkin)

2004 Cognitive Illusions (Rudiger F. Pohl)

2003 Evolutionary Psychology (Steven J. C. Gaulin, Donald H. McBurney)

2002 The Blank Slate (Steven Pinker)

2002 Human Evolutionary Psychology (Louise Barrett, et al.)

2002 Bounded Rationality (Gerd Gigerenzer)

2000 Genetic Influences on Neural and Behavioral Functions (Donald W. Pfaff et al)

1999 Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart (Gerd Gigerenzer, Peter M. Todd)

1998 The Evolution of Mind (Denise Dellarosa Cummins)

1998 Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology (Charles Crawford, Dennis L. Krebs)

1997 Human Nature (Laura Betzig)

1997 How the Mind Works (Steven Pinker)

1997 Darwin Dominance & Democracy (Albert Somit, Steven A. Peterson)

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