Fatal Game of Chess–Obama Moves, Public Loses


Phi Beta Iota: This email is circulating in gold trading circles.  It does two things: establishes the absolute corruption of the US Congress in abdicating all of its Constitutional responsibilities in the public interest; and draws a line between “high Jews” that do not support Israel and “low Jews” that are now allegedly “not counted” anymore by the Obama Administration.


Have you ever heard of the Scotch Gambit? It is not as often plaid as the Ruy Lopez or The Indian Defense, and if you are not a chess player, you may have a problem following the logic of this article.  If some of you will be offended I propose you take a wait and see attitude and let time expose the game and its results. This is about the Middle East Chess Game and the latest moves. Perhaps it will explain some seemingly unconnected events and point out possible future moves by the players.

One of the basic characteristics of the Scotch Gambit followed by a “swindle” was best played by an old US chess master F.J. Marshall.  Assume that Pres. Obama and his advisers want to accomplish a “swindle” that is three moves removed from today’s action. Attacking Libya was a move calculated to mislead Congress and the various political alignments in the US, but it has laid the foundation for a future similar drastic move. Willing to accept attacks form both right and the left seems to be a high price to pay by President Obama, but once the objective is accomplished, he will be forgiven. So what is the objective?

If the President is able to instruct the Air Force to attack a sovereign nation because the UN authorized it, the French and the British governments approved it and the Arab League endorsed it, but the US Congress was not consulted or even informed about it, a precedent was established for future similar actions. That is the apparent objective in the gambit.

Many commentators are speculating already where the next such “coalition” sponsored action will place. Obviously it has nothing to do with how the “rioters” are handled by their government. If Iran kills them, it is OK. If Bahrain kills them it is OK. If Mubarak kills them it is not OK. If Khadaffi kills them, it justifies war.

In a chess game there are two parties. Who could be another player? Could it be Israel?

Israel was severely attacked during last week. A family slaughtered, a barrage of rockets and mortars fired at Israel in unprecedented numbers, a bomb explosion in Jerusalem – yet there has been no major retaliation. How could that be? Because the chess player in Israel knows that Israel is being provoked and it is Israel’s reaction that everyone is waiting for. The Egyptians need an excuse to breach the treaty with Israel and turn the Egyptian army lose. It would also help in the upcoming election because the electorate could be enraged against an enemy with the help of “community organizers” of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Iran’s stooges are itching to start heavy long range bombing of Israeli cities and rioters are being organized within Israel and on its borders to declare the instant creation of a Palestinian State. There are already announcements from the White House advising Israel not to “overreact.” Obama’s Scotch Gambit move sends this message:

“Go ahead Israel and overreact to the atrocities of last week and the ones that are coming this week and I will act upon the resolutions of the UN, approved by the French and British and endorsed by the Arab League.”

High officials of the Obama administration already indicated this week that due to their coming actions they are willing to forgo the money and votes of American Jews. They don’t need to worry too much about the loyalty of some Jews. Little known historical facts indicate that some American Jews, mostly from Germany, opposed any help given during World War II to interfere with the Holocaust and later to allow survivors to come to the US. They disliked these “lower quality” Jews and feared that their high standing in American society would be jeopardized by such a primitive Jewish horde. Their disdain for Israel continues and whatever happens to these Israeli troublemakers, some American Jews will play the Pontius Pilate role.

Unfortunately for Obama, most of the world’s best chess players are Jews and Russians. The Russian/Chinese chess masters are exploiting the game and are waiting for the American amateur to self-destruct since he seems to have forgotten that he is playing simultaneous chess. With chess masters, no less.

The Scotch Gambit  followed by a “swindle” seldom wins especially if it is telegraphed so obviously. It would be fascinating to observe the game from afar, but we are all part of it and every move impacts our lives and survival.

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