Veteran Administration Lies & Active Deceit–Covering Up Uranium Exposure, Suicides, Psychosis

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The Politics of War: Are We Allowing US Vets to Die from Uranium Exposure?

CityWatch The Russ Report

Katherine Russ, March 26, 2011

EXTRACT:  DU contains less than one third as much U-235 and U-234 as natural uranium. The external radiation dose from DU is about 60% of that from the same mass of natural uranium. Experts have cited that uranium has unique chemical and physical properties, which makes its toxicity mechanisms complicated to comprehend.

During the Gulf War, planes, helicopters and tanks fired some 300 tons of DU “munitions”. DU was used in the Balkans, and now, in Iraq and Afghanistan. DU hardens the tips of bullets and artillery shells, giving them the ability to pierce the toughest armor.

EXTRACT:  Between the toxic burn pits, the slow acting poison of DU and the crushing effects of 2, 3, 4 or more forced deployments, we are building an army of suicidal, PTSD afflicted, homeless and unemployable young people who we are addicting to a cornucopia of drugs…for life. We're already building special courts, special jails, special hospitals, special housing, special welfare programs, drug treatment centers and more for our young vets. In the next decade, our youngest veterans will become THE major problem in this country. This isn't going to be pretty.”

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Phi Beta Iota: God exists, and he/she has a sense of humor.  2012 is a year of awakening, and it is with vast good humor that God is returning to the USA hundreds of thousands of seriously pissed-off young men who now realize that they have been screwed by corrupt leaders and dying at the hand of our own military-industrial complex, not an enemy bullet.  Their rage, combined with the demands of the idealistic and connected young people, might be exactly what America needs to get back on track.  Lacking to date is the catalyst, the precipitant, something so shocking that it jolts the system and negates the general tendency of placid people to go along with politics as usual.  The “true cost” of elective wars and a national legalization of the corruption inherent in a military-industrial complex will become crystal clear in the next few years.  One day the truth will come out about what the careerist “leaders” knew and when they knew it–our objective must be to nurture public intelligence in the public interest to stop proliferation, elective wars, and environmental degradation at the same time that we nurture the wealth-creation potential of the five billion poor.

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