[Spiritual] Death of TED?

Cultural Intelligence, TED Videos

You know that an era is over when the speakers at TED are dominated by people like General MacChrystal.

I get it – coolness, celebrity, and schmoozing will save the world.  No actual work is required.  Just conferences for people who no longer do any actual work.  Bertolt Brecht would recognize Berlin in the 1930's.

As Posted to Closed List of Real Pioneers

Phi Beta Iota: We have 80 active contributors, and tend to defer to the original intent, but this is a spiritual commentary with a cultural point that is valid, but over the top on dismissing the 80% of TED that is wonderous–such as our most respected TED Video to date, TED: Sugata Mitra–The child-driven education.  The above is a strong signal for TED, nothing more, nothing less.

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