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Medard Gabel, co-creator with Buckminster Fuller of the analog World Game, created the architecture concept and staffing-funding model for the digital EarthGame(TM).  Learn more here.

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I admire Jane McGonnigal, but she has not connected to those that went before her.  I truly despair when I read “learned” or “innovative” books and find that their intellectual roots do not go back more than ten years.  She is the leader now, but she needs to harvest all of us around Medard Gabel.

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Jane McGonigal

Serious Games are a mess because everyone is building their own game for their one problem.  The AHA that Medard knows better than anyone is that everything is connected and you cannot “game” the Earth unless you do so in a Whole Systems model.  Here are three top-level links that help there.

Review: Biocapital–The Constitution of Postgenomic Life

Reference: A World That Works for All

Reference: Strategic Analytic Model for Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

To be absolutely clear on Jane McGonnical:  brilliant, a thought leader, she needs to do a better job of connecting with Medard, who is deliberately not reaching out to her because we old guys understand that the young must WANT to hear from us, if she connects to Medard, and via Medard they connect to “true cost” economics as pioneered by Herman Daly (Ecologicial Economics, etc), then it is “game over” as we say, and the people win.

True Cost Meme

At “root” gaming is only as good as the data that feeds it and the clarity, diversity, and integrity of the people that play it.  Here are the three creations I funded before the economy crashed and took me with it, this is as good as I can do, eager to help any larger group accomplish larger objectives.

Reference: Earth Intelligence Network Concept for Execution

2010 INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability

2008 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

Incidentally, transparency is the new app and the center of gravity for both serious participatory gaming, global to local giving, and the eradication of corruption.  I have very high hopes, but right now the separation between Jane McGonical and Medard Gabel, and the nature of this specific wonderful exhilarating groups, is illustrative of the “tower of Babel” nature of our explorations.

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Open Data Developments from Seattle, Portland, San Fran & New York City

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I'll say it again:  P2P Foundation Wiki, and a master  roadmap that is a living document.  I also believe that crowd-sourcing is ready to go to a billion dollars a year for a properly integrated, transparent concept for achieving self-governing panarchy on all issues at all levels, but I am not the right person to lead such a fund-raising endeavor, only to support it.

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With appreciation for all of you,
Robert Steele
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