Creating a Healthy Society

Government, IO Multinational, Non-Governmental
Rob Sentse

Shaping the conditions to build a healthy society, a healthy nation consisting of healthy people who are motivated to look ahead..

To shape such conditions the international community should create a comprehensive approach.

It would be beneficial for the country, in this case South-Sudan (GoSS), if the UN / EU would deploy civil servants from crucial workplaces and from several levels of “our” own governmental management into South Sudan, to work as a coach for their fellow civil servants.

A kind of a left-seat / right-seat activity in which they guide their (former military) colleagues through governmental processes and procedures.

Nearly all programs of nearly every organization that wants to bring prosperity completely lack a comprehensive psychological-social approach towards the population.

Until now there is no awareness, recognition nor acknowledgement that Sudan exists of a traumatized population, possibly the sole item that the Sudanese population share mutually. Because of this the population hinders there own progress.

Within the Sudanese population, and possibly more in the South, there is an experience of being a perpetrator, victim or spectator (sometimes these three elements are united in one person).

It would be wise to integrate a psychological-social care program in every program that is executed by NGO/IO and so on, and within the DDR processes at the least.

According me this is fundamental in every war thorn country. Until now all the external is decorated which is ofcourse important, the first step of maslow must be taken. However, if the trauma is not dealt with the population will hinder their own progress and they won't be able to take that ” first step”.

Don't be scared to include each other, seek oppertunities for a comprehensive approach, “open your doors where and when possible and keep them closed when you must” (Ask yourself WHY you must).

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