IO 101: US “Brand” defined by its worst

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The worst voice of the brand *is* the brand

We either ignore your brand or we judge it, usually with too little information. And when we judge it, we judge it based on the actions of the loudest, meanest, most selfish member of your tribe.

When a zealot advocates violence, outsiders see all members of his tribe as advocates of violence.

When a doctor rips off Medicare, all doctors are seen as less trustworthy.

When a fundamentalist advocates destruction of outsiders, all members of that organization are seen as intolerant.

When a soldier commits freelance violence, all citizens of his nation are seen as violent.

When a car rental franchise rips off a customer, all outlets of the franchise suffer.

Seems obvious, no? I wonder, then, why loyal and earnest members of the tribe hesitate to discipline, ostracize or expel the negative outliers.

“You're hurting us, this is wrong, we are expelling you.”

What do you stand for?

Phi Beta Iota: Every officer that goes along with illegal and insane orders is not only allowing the US “brand” to be defined by systemic corruption and careerists gone wild, but is in violation of their Constitutional Oath to protect the Republic against domestic enemies as well as foreign.  Get a grip, people!  Stop drinking the kool-aid.  Challenge authority–honor can be restored.

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