Stephen E. Arnold: Smart Software No Data?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Smart Software Is Changing Work: But What about Actual Facts? Maybe the Pandemic? Maybe Revenue Misses?

AI Is Changing Work and Leaders need to Adapt” is a remarkable analysis of what seems to be taking place IRL (in real life) as opposed to the Ivory Tower world of a university business school. Just as economic departments missed the boat on certain economic developments, the business schools are doing their best to make statements oddly out of step with what’s shakin’ and bakin’ here and now.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Clearview — You Are NAKED!

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Stephen E. Arnold

Clearview: More Tradecraft Exposed

I read with some discomfort “I Got My File From Clearview AI, and It Freaked Me Out.”

Here are some factoids from the write up. Are these true? DarkCyber assumes that everything the team sees on the Internet meets the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, and truthiness. DarkCyber’s comments are in italic:

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Penguin: Zoom Rocks — Beware of Zoom Attacks

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Perils Of Working From Home: The Rise Of Zoombombing

There have been widespread reports of Zoombombing – with everything from violent videos to pornographic content shown on company calls.

Zoom also outlines the following in-meeting protective features:

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