Stephen E. Arnold: The Roots of Common Machine Learning Errors (Which Can Have Catastrophic Consequences)

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Stephen E. Arnold

The Roots of Common Machine Learning Errors

It is a big problem when faulty data analysis underpins big decisions or public opinion, and it is happening more often in the age of big data. Data Science Central outlines several “Common Errors in Machine Learning Due to Poor Statistics Knowledge.” Easy to make mistakes? Yep. Easy to manipulate outputs? Yep. We believe the obvious fix is to make math point and click—let developers decide for a clueless person.

Blogger Vincent Granville describes what he sees as the biggest problem:

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Stephen E. Arnold: Is It Time to Terminate Microsoft?

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Phi Beta Iota editor created above title.  Below is original title and an extract.

Talking Down: A Specialty of High-Tech?

What problems?

First, Microsoft has warned 800 million users to install a specific patch in order to avoid terminating with extreme prejudice one’s computer. You can get ore information from the capitalist tool here. Will I trust Microsoft after it killed my computer? Nope.

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Stephen E. Arnold: MIT Technology Review on Amazon Ubber Alles — The New Deep State?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Meet America’s newest military giant: Amazon

The Pentagon’s controversial $10bn JEDI cloud computing deal is one of the most lucrative defense contracts ever. Amazon’s in pole position to win—and its move into the military has been a long time coming.

Stephen E. Arnold, a specialist in intelligence and law enforcement software, has used a series of online videos to trace the evolution of Amazon from 2007, when it had “effectively zero” presence in government IT, to today, when it appears set to dominate. “Amazon wants to neutralize and then displace the traditional Department of Defense vendors and become the 21st-century IBM for the US government,” he says.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Lies Everywhere, Is the Truth Dead?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Unusual Source, Useful Information

I want to give a thumbs up to Cool Smart Phone and its write up “Lies Everywhere. The Truth Is Dead.” The article does a very good job of explaining the basic mechanism for planting misinformation in online channels. Plus the article contains a number of examples.

DarkCyber noted this statement in the write up:

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Ed Jewett: Joseph Farrell on Sailor Suicides in Context of Electromagnetic (Fatal) Soup – 5G Connection

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“… unintended emotional and mental consequences of working in an environment where crew are basically immersed in an electromagnetic soup”

“thermal heating in biological tissue when working around newer radar and communications systems.”

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Berto Jongman: Report on Social Media Manipulation #GoogleGestapo Track II

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Berto Jongman

Use of social media to manipulate public opinion now a global problem, says new report

The report explores the tools, capacities, strategies and resources employed by global ‘cyber troops’, typically government agencies and political parties, to influence public opinion in 70 countries.

Key findings include:

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Ed Jewett: Government Information Being Privatized Toward Deep State Control of All Information in Support of Social Credit AND Idiot Judges Allowing Adults to Change Sex on ORIGINAL Birth Certificates…

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We do not make this stuff up. Tip of the Hat to Abel Danger.

Birth to Total Information Awareness (Privatizing What Was Previously Government Information)

Phi Beta Iota: Covers loss of data integrity and protection, idiocy of changing gender on original birth certificates (with life long data implications), Real ID denying domestic travel absent the ID, and social credit control.

Penguin: Who Decides What Is Right or Wrong? The Case of Chef Sugar versus ICE

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Civil resistance is interesting.  Civil idiocy less so.  This is a minor league equivalency to #GoogleGestapo claiming it has the right to deplatform anyone it does not agree with.

The Great Open Source Divide: ICE, Hippocratic License and the Controversy

Stephen E. Arnold: Google Political Interference Documents….

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google: Managing Staff a Challenge

DarkCyber is not sure about the accuracy of “Exclusive: Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ.”

What struck DarkCyber as interesting is that the cache of documents has not made much of a splash in the last few weeks.

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