Stephen E. Arnold: Fact Checking Backward Through Time (Hint: Errors Are Generally Not Corrected)

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Stephen E. Arnold

Fact Checking Backward Through Time

Hooray for the truth! Though Business Dateline introduced corrections to online news stories in the mid-1980s, most online indexing services never bother to fix errors. Now, Internet archive the Wayback Machine is addressing this oversight with “Fact Checks and Context for Wayback Machine Pages,” the site announces on its blog. Writer Mark Graham reports:

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Penguin: Another Shit OSINT Industry Analysis

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This is crap. None of these people — particularly Palantir — are anywhere near useful.  Web 3.0 is gong to by-pass all existing offerings and be 80% human 20% online.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Market SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: Palantir Technologies, Expert System, Exalead Dassault Systemes, Thales Group, Cybelangel, Intrinsic Technologies, Sail Labs Technology, Digimind, KB Crawl, Verint, Recorded Future, Datalkz,

John Peterson: An Explanation of What Happened to Fox News

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An email from unknown originator, worthy of reflection.

Subject: An explanation of what happened to Fox News

If you regularly watch Fox News and have been noticing something feels “off” with their election coverage, you’re not wrong. Around a year ago, conservative political wonks turned off Fox News for good. The reason why has to do with events that unfolded in 2019. What did these conservative news junkies see that the rest of us missed? And, why does it matter now?

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