Charles Hugh Smith: Don’t Be Too Sure ….

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Charles Hugh Smith

Don’t Be Too Sure

Don’t be too sure that the coronavirus will blow over and have no effect on global growth.

If there is anything that characterizes this moment in history, it’s complacency: everyone’s so sure that current trend lines will continue, onward and upward, and risk has been tamed for the foreseeable future.

Don’t be too sure.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Google Manipulating Search…Again

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google: Making Friends Everywhere

Would it surprise anyone if Google alters search results to favor itself? Nope! Reuters explains that Europe is once again fed up with Google’s shenanigans, so “Axel Springer Unit, Others Say Google Still Playing Unfairly, Want EU To Act.” Axel Springer owns the shopping comparison Web site Idealo and it has teamed with forty other companies to accuse Google of altering search. The companies want the European Union to enforce a ruling against Google.

The claimants are pressuring European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to enforce an order she made two years ago for Google to stop favoring its own price comparison shopping service.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Openness is Search — Does Money Displace Ethics & Efficacy?

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Stephen E. Arnold

A Call for Openness in Search

Opening Up Search Is an Ethical Imperative” presents an argument for opening up search. “Opening up” appears to mean that Google’s grip on ad supported search and retrieval is broken. The write up states:


Advertisers go where the eyeballs are. Money can alter the meaning of ethics. And that money issue may be the reason Web sites are not indexed comprehensively, US government Web sites are indexed infrequently and superficially, and why Google ignores certain types of content.

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Betty Boop: Online “Behavior” Scores — The New Fascism?

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Your online activity is now effectively a social ‘credit score’

Especially when the Morality Police get acquired.

…people who have “authored online content with negative language” will be marked down.

Phi Beta Iota: The President is not protecting the 1st, 2nd, or 4th Amendments of the US Constitution. What is being done by BigTech / #GoogleGestapo is outrageous and demands Presidential attention.

Stephen E. Arnold: The End of SciTech Publishing Silos? The End of Amazon?

Autonomous Internet, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Why Sci Tech Publishers Fight Online Innovation: Money

Who reads academic papers? Give up. Answer: Other academics, students, and curious people with an interest in often arcane research.

Here’s another question: What characteristic do many of these journal readers share? Answer: A desire to zoom through information without paying.

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Zero Hedge: New Cambridge Analytica Leaks Reveal Psychological Manipulation Of Global Population

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New Cambridge Analytica Leaks Reveal Psychological Manipulation Of Global Population

Authored by Derrick Broze via The Mind Unleashed,

On New Year’s Day 2020, Twitter account @HindsightFiles began posting documents from data firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) which expose the extensive infrastructure used to manipulate voters on a global scale.

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Berto Jongman: BigTech #GoogleGestapo “Techlash”

IO Impotency

A brutal year: how the ‘techlash’ caught up with Facebook, Google and Amazon

Phi Beta Iota: The White received a warning letter and  proposed $1B a year budget in 1994 — instead of hearing the warning, the White House gave CIA and NSA free rein toward surveillance capitalism and what security existed was undermined with the complicity of BigTech CEOs for the convenience of NSA. The 4th Amendment was trashed in 1994 and then again in 2001 with the Patriot Act (written prior to 9/11) creating DHS and TSA.

1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

Caitlin Johnstone: Depressed? Maybe Not — Reality Check!

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“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

Narrative Managers Claim White Helmets Founder Was Driven To Suicide By Syria Skeptics

Phi Beta Iota: Her site is down intermittently.  There is a new wave of attacks agaiinst truth-tellers (including PBI, defeating over 8,000 attacks, some sophisticated, each day). Some of the assholes have technical skills.

Yoda: Stupid Navy — Stupid Northrup Grumman — Death to Sailors From Screens that Kill

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Death by screen — thank you, stupid Navy, thank you stupid Northrup Grumman.  Thank you worthless Inspectors General and worthless  Congress.

Collision Course

When the USS John S. McCain crashed in the Pacific, the Navy blamed the destroyer’s crew for the loss of 10 sailors. The truth is the Navy’s flawed technology set the McCain up for disaster.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Artificial Intlelligence Fakery and BigTech #GoogleGestapo Architecture of Surveillance

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Stephen E. Arnold

An Artificial Intelligence Doubter: Remarkable

The often cynical and always irreverent Piekniewski’s blog has posted another perspective of the AI field in, “AI Update, Late 2019 – Wizards of Oz.” AI and deep learning scholar Filip Piekniewski has made a habit of issuing take-downs of AI propaganda, and this time he takes aim at self-driving cars, OpenAI, Microsoft’s DeepMind, and more. He writes:  read more.

Belated Recognition: Barn Burned, Intelligence Costco Operating

Amnesty International has described the “Architecture of Surveillance.” Quick out of the gate? Concerns about privacy and the ways in which large tech companies use and profit off user data have been more and more in the news lately. A recent report by Amnesty International goes so far as to say Facebook and Google, in particular, maintain a “surveillance-based business model.” Common Dreams discusses the report in its article, “Unprecedented ‘Architecture of Surveillance’ Created by Facebook and Google Poses Grave Human Rights Threat: Report.” Writer Andrea Germanos summarizes: read more.

Robert Steele: NYT Nails Amazon

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Hats off to The New York Times for a superb article on Amazon. It barely scratches the surface but it is a very good start. I am the one who inspired Amazon in 2007 with my briefing, “Amazon as the Hub of the World Brain,” but they went down the rabbit hole which was not my intention, I had hoped they would become a source of power for the public rather than an extension of the police state. Amazon is gobbling up — some would say very unethically — both normal online businesses (e.g. Netflix) and open source offerings (e.g. Elastic) while doing mass and a la carte surveillance (e.g delivery drones with cameras on call for law enforcement missions) beyond the pale.

Prime Leverage: How Amazon Wields Power in the Technology World

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