Stephen E. Arnold: Microsoft – Unsafe At Any Speed 2.0?

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Microsoft: Stunned by Its Own Insecure Petard?

I read “10 Key Microsoft Ignite Takeaways for CIOs.” Marketing fluff except for one wild and crazy statement. Here’s the passage I found amusing:

By midyear, enterprises will also be able to control in which datacenter Microsoft stores documents shared through Teams, group by group or even for individual users, making it more useful in some regulated industries or where there are concerns about the security of data. These controls will mirror those available for Exchange and SharePoint. There will also be an option to make end-to-end-encrypted one-to-one voice or video calls, that CIOs can enable on a per-employee basis, and to limit meeting attendance only to invited participants. A future update could see the addition of end-to-end encrypted meetings, too. For companies that are centralizing their investment in such collaboration, McQuire said, “Security is arguably the number one selection criterion.”

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Stephen E. Arnold: Microsoft LinkedIn — A Real Loser?

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Microsoft LinkedIn: Opting and Gigging

Microsoft LinkedIn has determined that its millions of job seekers, consultants, and résumé miners can become gig workers. “LinkedIn Is Building a Gig Marketplace” asserts:

LinkedIn is developing a freelance work marketplace that could rival fast-growing gig sites Fiverr and Upwork. The two-sided marketplace will connect freelance service providers with clients in need of temporary workers for one-off projects. Like Fiverr and Upwork, it would focus on knowledge-based work that can be done remotely online…

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Ed Jewett: Joseph Farrell on Spacial Web and Sneak Transhumanism – Mind Control

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Uh huh… So  imagine a world like this, where everyone’s thoughts are open to everyone else in the waking world. I’m reminded of the Star Trek concept of the Borg, a collective hive where each individual hears – constantly – the interior conversations of every other member of the hive.  It’s a world were there is constant noise, endless chatter, and no rest for the individual from any of it. There is no conversation either, just chatter.   It is an inhuman world, precisely because it has no place for the “egocentric”, a term whose negative connotations are employed by such people precisely in order to do away with the underlying concept of the individual person itself. It is an inhuman world precisely because it has no place for the “ethnocentric,” a term whose negative connotations, again, are employed precisely in order to do away with the underlying concept of tradition, culture, and heritage.

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Stephen E. Arnold: LinkedIn Phishing Security Collapse?

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Linked In Phishing

One of the news items in an upcoming DarkCyber talks about LinkedIn phishing exploits. I want to mention this method of hijacking or intruding into a system for two reasons. First, Microsoft has been explaining and reframing the SolarWinds’ security misstep for a couple of months. The Redmond giant has used explanations of the breach to market its Windows and Azure security systems. LinkedIn is a Microsoft property, and it seems as if Microsoft would clamp down on phishing attacks after it lost some of the source code to Exchange and a couple of other Microsoft crown jewels. Second, LinkedIn, like Microsoft Teams, is going through a featuritis phase. The service is making publishing, rich media, in message links, and group functions more easily available. The goal is to increase the social network’s value and revenue, particularly among those seeking employment. There’s nothing like a malicious exploit that kills a job hunter’s computing to brighten one’s day.

The article “Phishers Tricking Users via Fake LinkedIn Private Shared Document” explains the exploit. The write up says:

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Yoda: ORWELLIAN: YouTube censors all videos from an academic conference on the dangers of censorship

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ORWELLIAN: YouTube censors all videos from an academic conference on the dangers of censorship

An academic conference on media censorship and the dangers of free speech infringements online has, ironically, been censored by YouTube.

The Google-owned video platform decided to pull all videos from the Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas 2020 for violating its “community standards,” which include never saying anything bad about censorship.

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