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The discussion of corruption–and the urgency of reasserting integrity–permeates this website.

Here are a general comment and a few links.

General comment: Corruption consists of a lack of integrity, which in turn is not just about dishonesty, but about a failure to achieve transparency, truth, trust, and accurate feedback loops.  The cost of corruption, calculated in terms of waste, is at least 50% and could be as high as 75%.  In the US, on Capitol Hill, the known kick-back for earmarks seen to allocation is 2-5%.  In fairness to the lobbyists, they are not offering the money, they are being shaken down by Senators and Representatives.  It is the lack of integrity in government that makes the lack of integrity in the private sector so pervasive.  What we do know is in the first two links.  The first documents health waste, the second the cost of peace versus war (one third).

2010 Reference: HEALTH–The Price of Excess (PWC)

Graphic: Medard Gabel’s Cost of Peace versus War

Other Links:

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