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Search <intelligence outreach>  ..  Search <outreach>.  This entire website is about intelligence outreach.  Thank you for this incentive to outline a summary of core contributions here on this topic.

Intelligence outreach today is virtually non-existent for several reasons:

1,  Secret world refuses to mature and serve all stakeholders for decision-support.
2.  Secret world refuses to take Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) seriously.
3.  Secret world refuses to recognize the eight tribes of intelligence as vital partners.
4.  Secret world is stove-piped and incapable of integrating already fragmented knowledge.
5.  Secret world is not held accountable for not knowing what can be known.
6.  Congress has abdicated its Article 1 responsibilities and is a two-party crime family.
7.  White House has sold out to Wall Street and been irresponsible about leadership.

Three things are required to excel at intelligence outreach:

1.  Leadership with integrity.  Integrity is essential, because without integrity the leadership will not hold itself accountable for betraying the public trust, and will not be open to external, unconventional, unclassified, multinational, eight-tribe outreach.

2.  Leadership with at least a cursory understanding of–or willingness to listen to counsel on–the essential nature of the strategic analytic model as a means of harmonizing the craft of intelligence across all boundaries.

3.  Followership with integrity–if the leaders do not have integrity, abandon them or route around them.

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