Advanced Cyber/IO: Knowledge Integration

Advanced Cyber/IO

Phi Beta Iota: It has become evident that this integrative post is needed.  It should be obvious–but evidently it is not–that both Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2) are inherently integrating by nature.  Both are the anti-thesis to “Rule by Secrecy” and the Weberian concept of stove-piped knowledge.  Both are pillars within the emergent Web 4.0 that will be the World Brain and Global Game connecting all human minds to all knowledge in all languages all the time.  Below are a handful of graphics and core contributions that focus on Knowledge Integration as the next step in Advanced Cyber/IO.

Graphic: Balance Matters

Graphic: Browsearth Tag Tree

Graphic: BrowsEarth Topic Map Part 2

Graphic: Business Intelligence Hits the Wall

Graphic: Climate Change Hidden Connections

Graphic: Connecting the Dots from Ingestion Onwards

Graphic: Consciousness + Eight Processes

Graphic: Corruption Slide 3 Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Culture Complex

Graphic: Culture Simplified

Graphic: Expeditionary Environment Analytic Model

Graphic: Four Forces After Next with IO

Graphic: Four Global Belligerent Groups Today

Graphic: Four National Reforms

Graphic: Four Quadrants J-2 High Cell SMS Low

Graphic: Four Threat Classes

Graphic: Full Spectrum Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Graphic: Global Intelligence Collection Failure

Graphic: Global Intelligence Processing Failure

Graphic: Global Range of Nano-Needs

Graphic: Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Holistic Analytics for Nuclear-Climate

Graphic: Info-Graphics/Maps: provoking resources to explore & learn

Graphic: Information Commons & Eight Tribes

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Eras

Graphic: Information Pathologies

Graphic: Intelligence Maturity Scale

Graphic: Intelligence Reform

Graphic: Jan Herring’s Triangle for Decision-Support

Graphic: Knowledge, Trust, & Development

Graphic: Life 101-The Tetrahedron

Graphic: Life 102–Open Everything

Graphic: Linear versus Diamond Paradigm

Graphic: Missing Information

Graphic: Multinational IO + OSINT = IO2

Graphic: Open Everything

Graphic: OSINT & Universal Coverage at Local Level

Graphic: OSINT All-Source Temple

Graphic: OSINT and Full-Spectrum HUMINT (Updated)

Graphic: OSINT, Missions, & Disciplines

Graphic: OSINT, We Went Wrong, Leaping Forward

Graphic: Panarchy

Graphic: Panarchy Pace Layering (Stewart Brand)

Graphic: Panarchy The Self in Hyperconnectivity

Graphic: Paradigm Change

Graphic: Participatory Budget Outreach

Graphic: Participatory Polyarchy

Graphic: Peer to Peer Governance

Graphic: Pre-Conditions of Revolution

Graphic: President and Humanity

Graphic: Principles of War versus Principles of Peace

Graphic: Science, Religion, & Philosophy

Graphic: Science, Religion, & Philosophy (Old)

Graphic: Six Circles–Earth Intelligence Network Operational Concept

Graphic: Smart Nation Through Four Reforms

Graphic: Smart Nation World Brain Pyramid

Graphic: Smart Nations

Graphic: Strategic Analytic Matrix

Graphic: Strategic Narrative Process Model

Graphic: The Global Brain

Graphic: The New Craft of Intelligence

Graphic: The UN and the Eight Tribes of Intelligence

Graphic: Threat Level Changes Depending on the Level of Analysis

Graphic: Tom Atlee on Whole-System Intelligence

Graphic: Topic Maps and How We Think

Graphic: Topic Maps How We Really Think

Graphic: True Cost of a Cotton T-Shirt

Graphic: True Cost Segments

Graphic: Twitter as an Intelligence Tool

Graphic: Water-Centric Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Web of Fragmented Knowledge

Graphic: Wheel of Co-Creation

Graphic: White House Fixes

Graphic: Whole of Government Intelligence

Graphic: World Brain Eight Core Sharing Functions

Robert Garigue & Robert Steele: From Old IO to New IO

Robert Garigue: The Next Long Wave of Innovation

Robert Garigue: Three Information Security Domains–the Physical (Old), the Process (Current), and the Content (Future)

Robert Garigue: Truth & Trust as Security Requirements

Robert Garigue: When Everything Else is Distributed….

Video: “Twinkie Deconstructed” Author Shows Strange Origins & Nexus of Ingredients

Worth a Look: CrowdMap (Beta)

Worth a Look: Wealth-Generating Economies

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Positive)

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Negative)


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