Israeli Covert Action to Equate China to Nazis

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This would be pretty sick and silly if it were not so obvious.  A desperate ignorant attempt to inflate China into “Evil Empire.”

Hitler and the Chinese Internet generation

By Richard Komaiko

Asia Times, 25 May 2011


There is a growing trend in the Chinese blogosphere to vocalize praises and expressions of support for Hitler.

Phi Beta Iota: Richard Komaiko is a known Jewish writer.  It would appear he can be relied upon to “place” Israeli cover action (media influence) themes, however undocumented or insane.  We normally respect Asia Times, but this is irresponsible, unethical and not at all credible.  The revolution is being made by youth, they are transformative without regard to ideology, religion, or nationality.

In Passing:

What’s Up With the Jews? NYT 23 May 2011, By STANLEY FISH

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