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16 May 2011

BAHRAIN:  How radical are Bahrain's Shia?

EGYPT:  Could Egypt's revolution become mirage in the desert?

IRAN-BAHRAIN:  Iranian ships carrying aid to Bahrain turned back in Persian Gulf

IRAN-SYRIA:  ‘Nakba' clashes: Iran, Syria trying to turn Arab Spring fury into attacks on Israel?

ISRAEL:  The Arab Revolution is knocking at Israel's door

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LEBANON-SYRIA:  Syrian soldiers who defected to Lebanon are arrested

LEBANON-SYRIA:  Hundreds flee Syria crackdown to Lebanon

PALESTINE:  Arab spring puts Palestine back on agenda

PALESTINE-ISRAEL-MALAYSIA:  Malaysian aid ship to Palestine attacked by Israeli naval forces

SYRIA:  Syria: mass grave found in Dera'a

SYRIA:  Bashar Assad Is Almost Illegitimate

YEMEN: Yemeni MPs establish coalition to support revolution for change

Past Dots Below the Line; Basics on Revolution At the End

15 May 2011

ALGERIA: Algeria to free jailed militants: Islamist leaders

ALGIERS (Reuters) – Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika will soon release several thousand Islamists from prison to help draw a line under a conflict that killed an estimated 200,000 people, two prominent Islamists told Reuters.

BAHRAIN:  West’s duplicity in Bahrain

BAHRAIN:  ‘Hundreds held' in Bahrain crackdown

BAHRAIN: Robert Fisk: Why no outcry over these torturing tyrants?

EGYPT:  Show of interfaith unity in Cairo

EGYPT:  Egypt's foreign minister chosen to head Arab League

JORDAN: 19 hurt as Jordan police disperse activists marking Nakba

LIBYA: Libya war paves way for deadly migrant boat trips

LIBYA:  AU fails in bid to strike deal on Libya conflict

LIBYA:  UN in new bid for Libya truce

LIBYA:  Biggest company says no oil until Libyan war ends

MOROCCO:  Police attack protesters in Morocco

PALESTINE:  Divide and rule in Palestine

SYRIA:  Obama’s inexcusable indecision on Syria

SYRIA: Protesters demand accountability before talks with Assad regime

SYRIA: Targeted Arrests of Activists Across Country

Phi Beta Iota: Bahrain and Syria are “favorites” of the US Government, the one for its hospitality to a very large US military logistics presence, the other for rendition and torture and side deals here and there.  Meanwhile, NATO bombs Libya without a declaration of war and targets its leader for assassination by bombing.  It never seems to occur to NATO “leaders” that bombing a country into dysfunctionality is certain to send tens of thousands of displaced persons north into a European Union “border” that is out of control at the same time that it stops Libyan oil production and export.  Iran is delusional in thinking that the Arab Spring is enhancing its influence, but the US is outrageously immoral and ineffective in failing to nurture the youth and their secular thirst for dignity, and in failing to execute Ambassador Mark Palmer's brilliant plan to give all dictators a legal ethical exit strategy in Breaking the Real Axis of Evil–How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025.  Meanwhile, everyone is ignoring the Assisi Peace Summit scheduled for October 2011, when that could in fact be the best means of validating and sustaining the gains for dignity and democracy in the Middle East, by forging inter-faith alliances against secular corruption.

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14 May 2011

BAHRAIN:  ‘Nothing can stop Bahraini protesters'

BAHRAIN: Activist describes electroshock, torture by government forces

BAHRAIN:  In Bahrain, A Candlelight Vigil can Land You in Jail

BAHRAIN:  ‘Mass sackings' in Bahrain crackdown

BELARUS:  Belarus opposition leader jailed over protests

EGYPT:  ‘Egyptians facing counter-revolution plot'

EGYPT: Egypt revolution followed by conflict between Christians and Muslims

LEBANON:  Lebanon's Parliament Speaker: No Cabinet in the Horizon

LIBYA:  Libyan opposition leader meets French president after Washington visit

OMAN: Army descends on protest camp, arrests demonstrators

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PALESTINE:  Palestine Lives!

PALESTINE:  Why I blew the whistle about Palestine

PALESTINE-EGYPT:  Egyptian convoy to support Palestine leaves Tahrir

SAUDI ARABIA:  Saudis denounce Bahrain occupation

SUDAN SOUTH:  Building South Sudan through Information-Led Development Strategy

SYRIA:  Syrian Army Retaliates After Protest, Activists Say

YEMEN:  Envoy Arrives As Casualties Rise in Yemen

Phi Beta Iota: The US Government (USG) is complicit in the Bahrain crack-down; the US presence in Bahrain is unwarranted, expensive, and an explicit reinforcement of one of the 42 dictators the USG loves to love.  With respect to Libya, we doubt the Libyan rebels have any idea of the real reasons why France and the US want to leverage them to end the Gadhafi regimes independence with wanton violations of its sovereignty, violations that could also be construed as war crimes by NATO–there is a huge moral as well as legal difference between air space control and direct attacks on regime leadership locations.  This would be a good time for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to read Ambassador Mark Palmer's righteous book, Review: Breaking the Real Axis of Evil–How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025.

13 May 2011

ALGERIA:  7 Algerian soldiers killed by militants in gunbattle; 3 attackers also dead

BAHRAIN:   Activists decry U.S. silence on Bahrain's crackdown

BAHRAIN: Bahrain indifferent to international criticism

BAHRAIN: Gulf state troops to remain in Bahrain in 2011

CANADA:  Stronach calls for ‘revolution’ in Canada

CHINA:  Jasmine Flower Sales Monitored by Nervous Chinese Authorities

EGYPT:  Egypt's former first lady hospitalized after detention order

GCC:  Arab dynasties lure Jordan, Morocco into anti-Iran bloc

LIBYA:  Gadhafi Says NATO Cannot Reach Him

LIBYA:  Libyan Opposition Leader: The Revolution Is Led By ‘New Breed Of Generations'

MOROCCO:  Morocco to craft youth charter

PALESTINE:  63 Nakba: Protests Erupt throughout Palestine

Today protests ignited throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, jumpstarting the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba on 15 May. 63 years ago, approximately 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes to make way for the creation of the state of Israel with a Jewish majority.

SYRIA:  Syria's revolution of love

TUNISIA:  Tunisia under pressure to stick to vote timetable

TUNISIA: Italy sends 4 frigates to Tunisia to help in efforts to fight illegal immigration to Europe

UGANDA: Women's groups, lawyers join Walk to Work protests

USA:  Ron Paul and the Love Revolution of 2012

YEMEN:  With democracy in mind, Yemen's youth are leading the revolt

YEMEN:  Yemen's Death Spiral: How the Economy and the Military Will Play

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12 May 2011

ALGERIA: Algeria's rising tide of youth rebellion will not go away yet

AMNESTY urges backing for Arab Spring ‘human rights revolution'

ARABIA:  Reversals challenge hope of Arab Spring

EGYPT: Counter-revolution and sectarian strife

EGYPT: A conspiracy against Egypt

LIBYA: Expats leave good life behind to join Libyan revolution

LIBYA:  Looting Libya: Insider View of Reasons for War….

MOROCCO: Heading For A Make Or Break Moment

SYRIA:  In Damascus, dreams of a revolution amid fears of defeat

SYRIA:  Revolution near for Syria

TUNISIA: Democracy’s Dawn in Tunisia and Egypt?

YEMEN: The youth will win in Yemen

YEMEN:  Yemen’s Revolution: Personal Agendas or People’s Will?

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11 May 2011

CHINA:  As fears of revolution grow, China rules that jasmine flowers must not

EGYPT:  Chaos and counter-revolution in Egypt

EGYPT:  The Cost of Egypt’s Revolution?

LEBANON:  Responsible rivals

LIBYA:  After nearly 2 weeks out of sight, Gadhafi appears on Libyan TV

MOROCCO:  Despite unrest, tourists still loving Morocco


Munib Rashid Masri

PALESTINE:  An improbable leader’s unrelenting quest for a state of Palestine

PALESTINE:  Hamas to Israel: 1 year to recognize ‘Palestine,' or else

PALESTINE:  Breaking the Gaza Embargo and Israeli Piracy

UKRAINE:  Nearly 8 Years After the ‘Orange Revolution,' Ukraine Runs Into Reversals

YEMEN:  Forces Fire on Yemeni Protesters in 3 Cities

YEMEN:  Yemen's Revolution Youth Announce Final Strategy to Force Saleh out of power


10 May 2011

ARABIA:  Is Arabia Outshining America? The Arab Spring Causing Reverse Immigration

ARABIA:   Old certainties totter in face of Arab Spring

ARABIA:  What can rescue the Arab Spring?

ARABIA: ‘Arab Spring' has yet to alter region's strategic balance

CHINA:  Writer falls victim to revolution

CUBA:  Cuban Government Rejects New Smear Campaign against the Revolution

EGYPT:  Breathless in Egypt

GULF: Gulf bloc to consider Jordan, Morocco membership

ISRAEL:  Israel braces for ‘Nakba Day'

KOREAS:  Lee says N. Korea cannot defy pro-democracy uprising

LEBANON:  Situation in Syria bound up with stability in Lebanon: analysts

LIBYA: Who's in charge? Sorting out Libya's rebel armies

LIBYA:  Nato is fuelling Libya's humanitarian crisis

LIBYA: NATO Bombs Strike Tripoli; Rebels Advance in Misrata

MOROCCO:  Qaeda denies involvement in Morocco cafe bomb attack

Phi Beta Iota: The Bin Laden Show is expected to include false flag terror incidents around the world as part of the military-industrial campaign to avoid long-needed draconian cuts in intelligence, defense, and homeland security, all of them antonyms to their actual performance.

MOROCCO: Moroccans adamant about reform

MOROCCO:  Women in Morocco are losing ground to tradition, prejudice and male greed

PALESTINE:  EU lawmakers pledge to take part in new Gaza flotilla

PALESTINE:  Protest a tough sell among Palestinians

The reasons for the reluctance to hit the streets, many conclude, are that Palestinians are cynical about prospects of ending the Israeli occupation and skeptical their leaders can make the difference.

SYRIA:  US closer to declaring Assad’s rule in Syria illegitimate

Phi Beta Iota: The US Government has a playbook, of this there is no doubt, but it also has no understanding what-so-ever of the digital natives that are catalyzing this revolution.  US private deals with the Muslim Brotherhood and others dishonor and betray the youth whose secular instincts are precisely those most needed.

SYRIA:  Iran's unwanted revolution

SYRIA ‘tortures activists to access their Facebook pages'

TUNISIA: Tunisia Seen As Laboratory For Arab Democracy


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9 May 2011

EGYPT:  Egyptians discover their struggle was hijacked

EGYPT: Religious conflict becomes the revolution’s biggest enemy

SUDAN:  Elections in South Kordofan may spark revolution in Sudan

SYRIA: Scores arrested as Syrian forces seek to crush protests

TUNISIA: Working in the heart of a bloodless revolution

UGANDA: A Troubling Crackdown In Uganda

YEMEN: Violent Revolution

8 May 2011

ALGERIA:  Reporter shot dead in Algerian militant stronghold

BAHRAIN:  Bahrain repeals emergency law while putting opposition on trial

EGYPT:  Thousands gather for conference to ‘protect the revolution'

EGYPT:  Violence between Islam & Coptic Christians

IRAN:  Conflict ‘paralyzes' Iran

IRAQ:  Iraq's political mess

MOROCCO:  Thousands demand reform in Morocco rallies

PALESTINE: Palestine is ripe for a revolution

PALESTINE:  ‘Egyptian revolution inspires hope in Palestine’

SYRIA:  Syria crackdown ‘killing flame’ of revolution

TUNISIA:  Tunis police break up fourth day of protest

7 May 2011

ALGERIA: 5 soldiers killed, 5 others injured in roadside bombing

BAHRAIN: Suppression of Protesters Continues

BAHRAIN: Lawyers sue at Hague

BAHRAIN: Lost $2 Billion Due to Unrest

EGYPT: Anger and chaos in meeting to ‘protect revolution’

IRAN:  Power Struggle Enters the Mosque

LIBYA:  Libyan forces destroy key fuel supply in Misurata

LIBYA:  Gaddafi steps up attacks across Libya: rebels

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MOROCCO:  Non-revolution (1)

MOROCCO:  Caught between terror and the king

SYRIA: Security forces kill three women

SYRIA: 26 dead in “day of defiance”

TUNISIA: Violence and censorship fuel tensions

TUNISIA: Fresh clashes

YEMEN: opposition calls for withdrawal of power transition plan

YEMEN: women out of the shadows

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6 May 2011

$50 cap would stop ‘food riots'

‘Arab Spring' meets twilight of the West

Brits, Americans take to the streets, not to fight for freedom but to celebrate royalty and death.

Summary of the American and International Press on the Libyan Revolution

Police crack down as hundreds protest in Maldives

Syria: Revolution on campus?

Syrians defy crackdown, stage widespread protests

Glimpses of the Tunisian Revolution – Challenges, Transformation And Politics

Tunisian coup warning triggers street protests

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UGANDA: Two killed as food riots rock Kampala

Yemen’s best hidden secret: the women behind the revolution

Yemenis stage new mass protest to oust president

Why are world food prices rocketing?

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5 May 2011

Stifling Yemen's Revolution

‘Yemen regime turning to Gaddafi tactics'

Egypt After Mubarak

Is Iran revolution in cards?

Syrian revolution far from grassroots

International finance presses for counter-revolution in Tunisia

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4 May 2011

Syria protesters vow to stay firm on ‘revolution'

Phi Beta Iota: The general ignorance of the West at this moment in history is deeply disturbing.  This is the second wave of modern public liberation (the first wave being Eastern Europe), and the West is unintelligent, incoherent, and lacking in holistic integrity.

‘Saudi Women Revolution' makes a stand for equal rights

As election centers across Saudi Arabia opened on April 23 for voters to register for forthcoming municipal elections, groups of women turned up asking to take part.  As expected, they were turned away — women will not be able to stand or vote in September's municipal elections — but just by showing up they had made their point.

Phi Beta Iota: The education and liberation of women has, over the course of history, been the single most influential factor in the advance of civilization.   In combination with free cell phone/virtual Internet access for every person on the planet, this is core to the non-violent non-zero solution for the Earth as a Whole.

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Anarchy: Uganda cannot sustain a North African style of revolution

Crackdown on Uganda Protests Sparks Rumblings of a Revolution

The safe road or path of regret for the Egyptian revolution

A new revolution

Egyptian Facebook activists visit MIT, representing a new non-violent movement in the Middle East.

Phi Beta Iota: Alvin Toffler said it first: (disseminated) information is a substitute for violence and a creator of revolutionary wealth. The pen is mightier than the sword, but only when it is shared.

1 May 2011

Algerian minister US-bound for talks on N.African unrest

Algeria: dozens of unemployed demonstrate at “1st May Square”

‘Military intervention in Bahrain threatens Saudi security’

Shia in Bahrain: Repression and regression

Burkina Faso Labor Union Threatens Protests Over Prices, Wages

Egypt:  Workers push for independent union movement on Labor Day

Libyan crowds attack diplomatic outposts after airstrike kills Kadafi's kin

NATO Accused Of Overstepping Libya Mandate After Airstrike Reportedly Kills Gaddafi's Son

West accused of double standards over Arabs

In Syria's rebel city ‘they will shoot anything that moves'

Syrian demonstrators vow week of protests to break siege at Dera'a

U.S., Israel behind Syria unrest: Iranian diplomat

Turkey's FM warns against international intervention in Syria

Turkey formulates ‘Plan B' for refugees: making safe havens in Syria

Anarchy: Uganda cannot sustain a North African style of revolution

Yemen unrest: Deal postponed as Saleh refuses to sign

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29 April 2011

The west's silence over Bahrain smacks of double standards

Bahrain cleric: Death sentences deepen tensions

Bahrain worshippers protest death sentences

A political revolution in Canada?

Is the Fatah-Hamas agreement a new revolution?

Fatah-Hamas deal fruit of Egyptian revolution: Iran FM

The Mubaraks' journey to the bottom

Iran Suddenly Turns Silent As Protests Spread In Syria

Military presence halts protests in Iraq's Kurdistan

Days of Rage: Protests and Repression in Iraq

Report: Protests resume in Tripoli


Freedom now rings from one mountaintop radio station in western Libya

Syria: The Revolution Continues (Video)

Syrians continue to protest as unrest spreads to Damascus

Protests over Ugandan opposition leader's treatment leave two dead


Massive rally in Yemen urges Saleh to go

28 April 2012

Bahrain military court condemns 4 protesters to death

Burkina Faso Riot Police Join Wave of Protests After Government Dissolved

Egypt's revolution brings new players to move Palestinian pieces into place

Reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is partly the result of efforts of members of the post-Mubarak government

Gadhafi Steels for Drawn-Out Fight

Syria: ‘Renewed shooting' in Deraa and other cities

Report: Civilian Deaths In Syria Protests Rise To 500

Uganda walk-to-work protests kick up dust

Both Uganda's protesters and its government draw lessons from Egypt revolution

[P]GCC ignores Yemeni ‘revolution'

Has US policy catalysed Yemen unrest?

Wael Ghonim

26 April 2011

Google executive Wael Ghonim takes sabbatical to fight poverty, foster education in Egypt

Of Tunisian fruit seller and financial democracy

ARAB Revolution 2.0 opens an interesting closed window of opportunity for financial inclusion of the devout.

Gadhafi Forces Pound Misrata Port, 3 Migrant Workers Dead

Yemen Protests Continue

Syria extends military crackdown

Syrian dictator goes to war against … Syria

NATO, No Fly Zone for Syria, Yemen, Bahrain?

Scattered Yemen Protests Continue Despite Transition Accord

Bahraini medical centres and schools ‘raided'

Bahrain soccer players detained, clubs shut

Rebellion: Smashing stereotypes of Arab women

Al Jazeera Launches Its Great Social Media Experiment

USA: The Gary Johnson Wild Card

24 April 2011

Algerian opposition figure found dead

Bahrain Opposition Accuses Government of Demolishing 30 [Shi'ite] Mosques

Egypt: Unity efforts intensifying

Egypt: Reaching Palestinian National Unity is Essential for Achieving Statehood

Armed Forces send Easter greetings and reassurances to egypt's Christians

IRAN:  MP: Regional Nations Bear Tyrannical Rulers No More

IRAQ: Stop the Slow Torture and Killing of Women and Ill in Ashraf

Libya: western leaders call for Nato to assassinate Gaddafi

Libya: Regime forces batter Misrata hours after claiming siege on hold

Thousands of Moroccans stage new protests to demand political change

57 dead in Southern Sudan violence

Thousands flee clashes in south Sudan oil state

Syrian Forces Detain Activists in Sweeps After Protests

Yemen in Crisis: Last Impasse Before the Storm?

22 April 2011

Reform and Revolution

Syria buries scores of dead; more protests due

McCain visits rebels, Libya adjusts Misrata tactics

Yemeni president welcomes Gulf plan, vowing to face opposition's challenge

Post-revolution, Egypt tourism remains in disarray

Tunisians wonder what happened to their revolution

USA: Talking Revolution: The New Elderly Generation can Provide the Spark for an American Rising

21 April 2012

Yemen: Gulf bloc offers Ali Abdullah Saleh new proposal

The Middle East's oldest dictatorship [Israel Over Palestine]

Arab Upheaval ‘An Appetizer For What's To Come'

The Revolution’s Missing Peace by Abdulla Gul

Violent Trucker Fuel Protests In Shanghai

Ban on Baghdad street protests angers Iraqis

Ugandan Food Protests Grow Violent

The Libyan Revolution Will Not Be Prioritized

The Syrian revolution on campus

‘Great Friday': Is Syria on the brink of revolution?

Anti and Pro Government Protests to be Held in all Yemen's Provinces

Egypt bans public protests

Egypt revolt star tops Time's 100 most influential

Egyptian protests against appointment of Christian governor

Tunisian revolution triggered migrant exodus to Italy

Cambodian police crack down on rally in capital

20 April 2011

Activist Warns of Dire Outcomes of Suppression of Bahraini Revolution


In Egypt, Revolution Moves Into The Factories

Allies Send Military Advisers, Equipment to Toughen Libya Rebels

Syria: States of emergency

Inside Story: US funding Syrian opposition?

Phi Beta Iota: CIA is good at throwing money around, bag-men scuttling in and out of official installations.  What CIA is not good at–and what the Pentagon and the Department of State and Agency for International Development have not learned how to nurture–is “liberation technology.”  Almost two months after the start of the MENA populist revolution, the US Government still has no idea that it can open up collect call satellite communications, provide satellite wi-fi, enable low-risk neighborhood communications, hand out $169 adapters that convert any cell phone into a satellite phone, or show people how to do steganography across Flickr, Amazon, and so on.  Agile, they are not.

TAJIKISTAN: Rakhmon rules out revolution, promises energy independence

NORTH KOREA: No ‘revolution' in the Hermit Kingdom

Cuba: Viva the capitalist revolution?

USA: Libertarian-leaning Paul brings ‘revolution' to Miss.

USA: GOP boss praises ‘cheesehead revolution' in Wis.

Phi Beta Iota: There is nothing revolutionary in the Tea Party, the Republican Party, or the Libertarian Party, for the simple reason that they are playing on the margins of the two-party tyranny and not at all serious about empowering all of the people all of the time [see Seven Promises].

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19 April 2012

Israel Won’t Collapse Peacefully But It Will Dissolve: Dr. Franklin Lamb

Democracy pushback in Egypt: revolution was the starting point, not finish line

Egyptian revolution broke backbone of U.S., Israel: Larijani

Egypt Revolution’s Second Phase Even More Crucial

As Yemenis run low on gas and food, revolution could take off

Saudi youth call for Revolution Day demos on Friday

Has the North African Revolution Reached Burkina Faso in West Africa?

Revolt in China only a matter of time: analyst

Jasmine In The Middle Kingdom: Autopsy Of China’s (Failed) Revolution

16 April 2011

In Syria, protesters push to end decades of isolation

The Arab Spring and the Saudi Counter-Revolution

The New Cold War

There has long been bad blood between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but popular protests across the Middle East now threaten to turn the rivalry into a tense and dangerous regional divide.

14 Algerian soldiers die in attack

Hundreds in Tunisia protest political exclusion

Egypt court dissolves Mubarak's former ruling party

Yemeni women insist: ‘We will not remain silent'

Bahrain arrests prominent lawyer, doctors: opposition

15 April 2011

Syrian revolution spreads, with largest protests yet

Egypt will see this revolution through

Jasmine Revolution fails to blossom

There are now substantial, continuing pro-reform popular protests in only five of the 19 states of the Middle East and North Africa: Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.

The Final Stages of the Nigerian Revolution

Twitter and Facebook fuel a new type of political revolution

14 April 2011

Women, children join protests in Syria; Yemeni rivals clash

In Swaziland, heavy crackdown beats back Egypt-inspired protests

Three days of protests took Swaziland – Africa's last absolute monarch – by surprise. Police and the Army fired tear gas and water cannons to control 1,000 protesting teachers and students.

As cries for revolution fade, Bahrainis wonder what went wrong

The demonstrations demanding democracy began with great promise, but they fizzled amid harsh crackdowns, leaving increased tension between Sunnis and Shiites.

A Guide To Protests In Middle East, North Africa by NPR Staff and Wires

Recommended:  Tracking The Unrest–Roll over countries for details.

Robert Fisk: ‘The Arab awakening began not in Tunisia this year, but in Lebanon in 2005'

Ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali Faces 18 Charges

Egypt's revolution: Staggering in the right direction

When AK-47s meet mobile phones: Syria's web activists

Egyptian revolution encourages American youth

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13 April 2011

Mubarak's arrest a watershed moment for Egypt [Dick Cheney next?]

10,000 Yemeni forces defect from government, join protesters: official

Syrian Revolution – Peaceful against all odds!

Syrian students mount protests in Aleppo, capital

INDIA: The halfway revolution

Naomi Wolf: ‘I Want My Al Jazeera'

Arab revolution may just be a mirage, warns Clinton at US-Islamic forum

We don't make this stuff up.  Evidently the USA Fraud Blow-Out is Not “Corruption”

12 April 2011

Saudi Arabia and counter-revolution in the Arab spring

Report: Protesters ignite Saudi embassy in Tehran

PAKISTAN: Shahbaz for revolution through education

One man’s revolution is another’s political expediency

Tough transition for Tunisia after revolution

The Arab Revolution Will Not Be Televised in Latin America

11 April 2011

USA: Author Warns of Schoolhouse “Revolution”

Yemeni MP: Revolution Continues despite Suppression


Tunisian revolution yet to solve inequality

Tensions cloud relations between Egypt's revolution and army

The Leader of the 1st of September Revolution Confirms his Acceptance of the AU Roadmap for the Resolution of the Crisis in his Country

Ethiopia: The Revolution That Never Was

Oromia/Ethiopia: Message is Clear – Zenawi & Regime Must Go Now

Kazakhstan plans two-party system via “revolution from above”

Two-party tyranny, two-party theater, same-same.

10 April 2011

Arab League to ask UN to impose no-fly zone over Gaza

PAKISTAN: Altaf terms rally in Punjab ‘onset of revolution’

Egypt’s Second Revolution: Military kills protesters in Tahrir Square

US doubts air power can turn Libyan tide

Syria death toll growing, human rights groups warn

Ivory Coast: Ouattara troops prepare for push to control Abidjan

Yemen: Gulf states hold meeting for President Saleh's removal

China shuts off debate on 1911 revolution

9 April 2011

USA The Tea Party Revolution Continues

USA Chomsky talks fear in western society

Oromia/Ethiopia: Diaspora Uprising May Spark the Revolution in Ethiopia

INDIA The scent of ‘middle class' revolution

Libya: Getting it Right – A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective

How Revolution Became the Only Possibility in Libya

On Facebook and Twitter, spreading revolution in Syria

Post-Revolution Tunisia Faces Economic Woes

Hero of Egypt’s Revolution, Military Now Faces Critics

Our revolution's doing what Saleh can't – uniting Yemen

In Yemen, Hardly a Revolution

5 April 2011

The NPR Controversy You Missed: Guest Calls for Egyptian Style “Revolution” in U.S.

Libya needs referendum, say United Nations

Libya: Western imperialism tries to steer direction of the revolution

Libyan Opposition Prepares to Export Oil as Rebels Push Forward

Egypt’s ‘Save The Revolution’ Movement Splits Muslim Brotherhood

‘Syrian Revolution’ calls for nationwide protests on Tuesday

China stamps out the Jasmine Revolution: A return to 1989?

Morocco undergoing “revolution,” premier tells Charles

A Boy Prays (Reuters)

2 April 2011

Struggling to Restart Egypt's Stalled Revolution

Ivory Coast's well-armed rebels making quick work of revolution

More than 200 arrests to quell the “jasmine revolution” in China

“Continuing Revolution” Tea Party Rally Raises Questions

Anger in Yemen

Yemen protesters clash with police

Obama snubs Yemen protesters

JMP Vision for Power Transfer Underway in Yemen

Gwynne Dyer: Libyans must provide their own democratic revolution

COMMENT: The West is playing with fire in Libya

Libyan revolution is worth the fight, say battle-torn families


Syria uprising: Dissidents seized from their homes

26 March 2011

Libyan rebels reclaim Brega

Suspected al-Qaida militants seize town in Yemen

Protester killed and 120 wounded in Jordan protests

In Syria, Tension and Grief After Protests and Official Retaliation

Post-referendum: Egypt chooses orderly revolution

Failed states: Where life is cheap and talk is loose

And in the West….

March for the Alternative sends a noisy message to the government

2012 U.S. Budget Priorities: Funding Nuclear Energy and Bombs vs. Dire Community Needs

Razing Arizona: A ‘Failed State’

Israel accused of  ‘A Form of Ethnic Cleansing'

25 March 2011

Recommended Reading for the Secretary of State:

Review: Breaking the Real Axis of Evil–How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025

Review: Descent into Chaos–The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia

YEMEN: The oppressed need real revolution, not replication

Syria protests: How secure is President Assad?

SYRIA: Hoping to avoid revolution, Syrian government promises political reforms

Libya crisis: Big stakes for a rump state

Libyan rebels enter Ajdabiya town

EGYPT: A revolution unifies a divided society

EGYPT:  Revolution by half?

US “Intelligence”:  Intelligence Agencies Want to Use Google Trends to Track the Next Revolution

Phi Beta Iota: In 1979 Joe Markowitz, who went on to be a decent director of the Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO), was doing a CIA analytic study on how to predict and evaluate revolution.  He was given the thesis on predicting revolution by Robert Steele.  Despite his good efforts, it is obvious that CIA and DIA have learned nothing since 1979.  To think that Google Trends might be useful, when there is zero in the way of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) that is actually multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and historically grounded, merely illuminates the total vacuum at the top of US intelligence–with a handful of exceptions being kept in isolation, most US intelligence “leaders” are budget clerks that never actually learned how to “do” intelligence.  They move money.  They waste money.  They are never held accountable.  We can do much better at a third of the cost.

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24 March 2011

Egypt’s Facebook revolution faces identity crisis (photos)

Egypt's revolutionaries say abusive treatment persists (video)

Lest the revolution turn into a wasted opportunity

Leading the Revolution with Wireless

Ngmoco's Young: West Currently Poised For Mobile Revolution

US warily eyes Yemen revolution (video)

Phi Beta Iota: Egypt and Yemen are an axis of ignorance for the USA–not only does the USA not have a strategy–or even a means of creating a Whole of Government “appreciation” for the possibilities and necessities of fostering freedom in the Middle East and North Africa–but it also lacks any concept for multinational, multiagency, multidisciplinary, multidomain information-sharing and sense-making (M4IS2), the “acme of skill” in 21st warfare, what we labeled in the 1990's “Information Peacekeeping: The Purest Form of War.”

21 March 2011

Libya rebels welcome air strikes, aim for Tripoli

Yemen showdown looms as army loyalties divide

Syria protests spread, authorities pull back

Saudi deployment in Bahrain risks sectarian conflict

Libya Rebels Fight for Gains After Coalition Airstrikes

Top army commanders defect in Yemen

US embassy cables: Who will succeed Saleh in Yemen?

Syria unrest: Thousands march in Deraa

Egypt proved to Palestinians that revolution has a point

19 March 2011

US leads ‘Odyssey Dawn' initial attack on Libya

Women and Revolution — What Now?

Syria: Has the Revolution Begun?

Yemen protests: Evidence snipers shot to kill

Yemeni troops on streets, two party members quit

Libya Journal: A revolution, then and now

Egyptians swarm polls in first vote since revolution

18 March 2011

Bahrain Razes Iconic Square

The Revolution Reaches Damascus

Dozens of Yemen protesters shot dead

Libya's Gaddafi given ultimatum

In Libyan capital, a revolution crushed

Revolution's end [Egypt]

Amendments betray the spirit of Egypt’s revolution: “No” campaigners

17 March 2011

Rael: ‘The Real Revolution is to Destroy Every Form of Government'

The Arab counter-revolution is winning

Tunisia: Locals Abroad Express Hopes Via New Media Climate


Egypt’s Revolution Struggles to Take Shape

Hillary Clinton: Don't let Egypt's revolution be compromised

May the Crowd Be With You….

16 March 2011

Phi Beta Iota: Revolution 2.0 is at the beginning of the beginning.  The following from the Battle of Algiers captures the situation perfectly:

Ben M'Hidi: It's hard to start a revolution. Even harder to continue it. And hardest of all to win it. But, it's only afterwards, when we have won, that the true difficulties begin. In short, Ali, there's still much to do.

With helicopters and live fire, Bahrain cracks down on protests

Egypt's revolution: leaders must obey new rules, but protesters still impatient for elections and change

Our rebels in the north: revolution Ivory Coast style Commanders of opposition New Forces say they are ready to advance on Abidjan and topple President Laurent Gbagbo

A Nigerian revolution:  The political awakening of my country's young people could transform Nigeria's rotten democracy

Poland to use 1989 revolution as lesson for Arab countries

14 March 2011

Is the Libyan revolution dying?

It has been a painful week for the revolutionaries trying to topple the long-serving Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Arab spring is brighter than ever

Crackdowns on protest merely postpone the day of reckoning – Arabs now have a shared, unstoppable drive for freedom

No Ideological Cohesion and Wrong Timing for Libya’s Revolution

13 March 2011

Winnipegger in Libya ‘wouldn't miss the revolution'

Egyptian Revolution Coalition rejects military tribunals for civilians

The second Cedar Revolution [Lebanon]

An impromptu game of soccer in the streets of the Old City of Sana'a in Yemen. “The conflict between the old and new generations certainly will not die down now that the storm has started,” writes author Ali Al-Muqri.

My country, Yemen: ‘Revolution has become as vital as air and water’

‘Islamic Revolution model of uprisings

In birthplace of Arab uprising, discontent lingers

12 March 2011

“Citizen” Amr Moussa outlines roadmap for Egypt democratic renaissance

Libya: Benghazi's rebels know it is now them or Gaddafi

Tunisia Revolution Rolls On With Abolition Of Secret Police

Making the revolution is one thing, building it is quite another

How social media mobilized the Arab revolution

11 March 2011

Trudy Rubin: How the young leaders of Egypt’s revolution pulled it off

n Egypt, signs that the revolution has only just begun

Q&A: Libya’s stalled revolution

10 March 2011

In Egypt, a violent campaign to subvert the revolution

After the Egyptian Revolution: The Wars of Religion

UPDATE 12-Oil pares losses as Saudi protest heightens worries

Revolution Not Headed for Saudi Arabia

Phi Beta Iota: TIME and Carnegie Endowment may be taking a great deal of Saudi money.  It is hard to explain how TIME should emphasize religious wars when Muslims and Christians, Sunni and Shi'ite, stood shoulder to shoulder against  the US-supported dictators; or how Carnegie Endowment could possibly justify a completely witless propaganda piece that is disconnected from reality on the ground.  What makes all this pathetic is that the US Intelligence Community has been worthless throughout the past fifty years, sowing what one author calls a Legacy of Ashes, all the while being clueless about the Power of the Powerless.  The spies, the techno-barons, and their child-analysts are long overdue for both GAO scrubbing and a severe reduction in funding.  The US is not a Smart Nation.  As we have noted before, the US President is operating in a strategic & intellectual vacuum….not for lack of knowledge across the Republic, but for lack of integrity in Washington–a failure not of imagination, but of outreach and openness.  Congress and the White House went into this opportunity running on the fumes of aged ideology and military-industrial ingratiation to dictators and their armies.  No intelligence, no integrity.



8 March 2011

Arab women: this time, the revolution won't leave us behind

Arab-Style Democracy: The Answer to the Post Dictatorship Era

U.S. needs to stay on the sidelines of the Arab revolution

Mideast revolution will spread, violence won't – oil exec.

How the ongoing Middle East unrest will affect global oil security and prices

The global democratic revolution: a new stage

See Also:  NIGHTWATCH Revolution 2.0 Round-Up

All I Hear is Yes We Can…

7 March 2011

Phi Beta Iota: We've been watching, but outside of the UK blowing its overture to the Libyan rebels (who have it right–BUTT OUT) and the US flailing because no element of the US Government–and most especially the Department of State and the CIA–has a clue on how to deal with a) reality and b) the irrelevance of naked Emperors.  Below are a few of the media headlines, but on balance we prefer the NIGHTWATCH commentaries that we post separately.

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See Also:  NIGHTWATCH Revolution 2.0 Round-Up

What Can We Do for the Young Libyan Revolution?

Five social media goals learned from tweeting the revolution

Ai Wei Wei: ‘growing force behind Jasmine Revolution very strong'

America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels

Arab revolution declared inconsistent with Islam laws

Op-Ed: Middle East revolution gives people a voice

Amid revolution, Arab cartoonists draw attention to their cause


2 March 2011

Benghazi brings order to its revolution

Intervention in Libya would poison the Arab revolution

China, the Middle East Revolution and the U.S. Counter-Revolution

USA: At what point is revolution justified?

More below the line

26 February 2011

Obama is weak in face of dictators and revolution

Protestors across US decry Wis. anti-union efforts

A golden age of revolution appears to be at hand

Bahrain: An uprising on the verge of revolution

Anger in Egypt: A revolution far from over



23 February 2011

USA Special: More Tales of Revolution and Government Waste

Dispatch from ‘Free Libya': The Right to Laugh at Gaddafi

Gadhafi losing grip on power

23 February 2011

Libyan city dubbed ‘Free Benghazi' as anti-Gaddafi troops take control

• Anti-Gaddafi officers talk of army revolt against mercenaries

Bahrain Frees Political Prisoners, Pardons Exiles

Morocco's king seen as holding keys to future

Hundreds back Facebook call for Saudi protest

Saudi King Boosts Spending on Housing, Jobs Amid Popular Unrest in Mideast

China facing new calls for jasmine revolution

Cheddar revolution? Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart on Middle East-Wisconsin comparisons

22 February 2011

As it happened: Mid-East and North Africa protests

Qaddafi Vows To Fight To The ‘Last Drop Of Blood'

Libya protests: Defiant Gaddafi refuses to quit (with video)

Ridding the Region of US and Israeli Influence

Smells like a US revolution in the making

Wisconsin’s Government Cheese Revolution

Activists Detained and Harassed After Online Calls for Jasmine Revolution

Where Is the Revolution?

Revolution: an idea whose time has come

Arab Corruption

21 February 2011

YouTube: Protests Across the Arab World–Unrest hits Libya, Iran, Bahrein, Yemen, Tunesia, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Algeria, and Djibouti

Libya protests spread as barrier of fear crumbles

Clashes, fires reported in Libya's capital

Egypt’s Prosecutor Asks for Freeze of Mubarak’s Assets

Robert Fisk in Manama: Bahrain – an uprising on the verge of revolution

Violence against revolution?


20 February 2011 PM

Jasmine revolution to fight on despite internet crackdown

Qaddafi’s Son Warns of Civil War as Libyan Protests Widen

“The state has disappeared from the streets,” said Mansour Abu Shenaf, a writer living in Tripoli. “and the people, the youth, have practically taken over.”

Libyan unit “defects” as more Arab protests simmer

Libyan envoy to Arab League ‘joins revolution'

CAIRO—Libya's permanent representative to the Arab League, Abdel Moneim al-Honi, said on Sunday he has quit his position in order to join the revolution unfolding in his country.

Gaddafi cruelly resists, but this Arab democratic revolution is far from over

The burning question is, where next? After Ben Ali and Mubarak, others may not fall so easily – but most regimes are candidates

Fears of Chaos Temper Calls for Change in Morocco

Egyptian father names his daughter “Facebook” after revolution

Year of revolution: From EDSA to Tahrir Square

20 February 2011 AM

Libyan forces fire tear gas in Tripoli protestsAt least four separate anti-government protests have broken out in the Libyan capital for the first time, witnesses say.

Libya protests: gunshots, screams and talk of revolution

Benghazi student says fear of Muammar Gaddafi's regime is ebbing away

Iran protests: capital under lockdown

Police and basij militia locked down the centre of Tehran on Sunday night after crowds of anti-regime demonstrators tried to converge on central squares from across the city.

Social Media's Revolution 2.0 Crowdsources Street Protests & DDOS Attacks

Libya protesters seize streets, Bahrain mood eases

Revolution might not be a cure for Egypt's extreme poverty

Phi Beta Iota: This is a very important observation.  It's not enough to displace the corrupt.  One must be able to replace them with both integrity and intelligence (decision-support).  Making a revolution is much easier than unscrewing centuries of Industrial-Era predation.  This is one reason why–while finally recognizing that connecting everyone comes first–Phi Beta Iota stands as the ONLY network focused on what comes next:   Electoral Reform, Smart Nations, Global Range of Gifts Table, and M4IS2 (Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making: creating the World Brain and Global Game so as to achieve a prosperous world at peace.  It's all connected.  Any mob can make a revolution.  It takes smart ethical people to address the root preconditions of that revolution and achieve the real and only lasting revolution, across the mind, heart, and soul of all humanity.

China cracks down on protest threats, rounds up dissidents

China tries to stamp out ‘Jasmine Revolution'

MOROCCO: Thousands attend reformist protests

Iran's opposition starts renewed protests in Tehran

Anti-Government Protests Continue in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen

USA: Both sides targeting state senators for recall elections

An inside look at the WikiLeaks revolution

The Tweet and Revolution

19 February 2011

Wisconsin protests: why ‘week of rage' matters to rest of America

Phi Beta Iota: The problem is that both the union leaders and the Democratic party leaders sold out all of the workers when they took the bribes from the banking and corporate worlds.  As Chuck Spinney has pointed out, Tea Partiers are incredibly naive and ignorant, having been funded and deceived by the Koch Brothers into championing their own demise.  The  revolution is going to happen completely apart from the existing political structure in the USA, because that structure is so corrupt, so inauthentic, as to be irrelevant to any serious discussion about the future of the United States of America.

Palestinians want ‘day of rage' against US

Fatah, Hamas leaders incensed by decision to veto UN vote to condemn Israeli settlements, saying it reveals lie behind calls for democracy, freedom in Arab world. ‘We'll appeal to General Assembly,' says PLO secretary

Leaders of Libya and Yemen meet protests with deadly force

Unlike Egypt, Libya and Yemen are tribal nations, and the two leaders have skillfully manipulated clan loyalties for decades.

You say you want a revolution?

Self-interest and hypocrisy have always been the touchstone of Western diplomacy in the Middle East, particularly as far as the United States, Britain and France are concerned.

Middle East protests: People power triumphs in Bahrain

Algeria's long haul towards liberty

The secret world of Chinese tweets

Social inequities and global stability

18 February 2011

Rage, Rap and Revolution: Inside the Arab Youth Quake

“Whether you're in Tunis or in Cairo or in Manama,” says Ala'a Shehabi, 30, a Bahraini economics lecturer and political activist, “young Arabs are all on the same wavelength.” In less than two months, this generation has already wrought political change on a scale not seen since the end of the Cold War.

Phi Beta Iota: It is quite clear that US politicians have no idea what is going on vis a vis “digital natives” across all boundaries.  As Daniel Ellsberg lectured Henry Kissinger, “you become like a moron.”

In Bahrain, the Bullets Fly (NYT)

US is out of touch, CNN is not.  Mainstream media plus cell phone video of actual shootings of unarmed protesters with their arms in the air will have an impact.

Libya's Gadaffi faces challenge to four decades of rule (Reuters)

Preliminary reports suggest 50,000 participating in protests, active destruction of Gaddafi's statues and posters, “Enough is Enough” spreading as the mantra.

Equation for a Modern Revolution

Phi Beta Iota: This is a very facile and somewhat ridiculous line of reasoning (see Basics at end) but it is making the rounds so have a look.

In the Middle East, this is not a Facebook revolution

Deep-seated social ills – repression from the top and political and economic frustrations from below – are at the core of protests sweeping the Arab world, much as they have been in revolutions throughout history.

Egypt Through the Lens of Iran's 1979 Revolution

The pundits now breezily call Iran's 1979 revolution “Islamic.” But at the time, religious and secular, villagers and urbanites, educated and illiterate, all equally angrily, were marching in the streets and demanding the removal of the Shah. Iran's future was as unknowable then as Egypt's future is now.

17 February 2011

Time for a Syrian Revolution

This week, a court sentenced 19-year old blogger Tal al-Mallouhi to five years in prison on some obscure charge of passing on secrets to the United States.

Ouattara's prime minister calls for “revolution” in Ivory Coast

“The people of Ivory Coast must stage their revolution. They must not wait for ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States) and the African Union.

Tahrir Square teeming with Egyptian pride

“The revolution will change the relationship between the people and the government. There was no relationship in the past.”

After the Egyptian revolution, economic unrest

“People are very upset, and in many cases, I think, with good reason, about poverty and unemployment.”

Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Twitter and Facebook didn't create the Egyptian revolution. But Silicon Valley's belief they did shows the smug, ethnocentric blindness that's damaging the technology industry

A Guide To Starting A Revolution On Facebook

“The power of Facebook is that our updates reach to everyone's wall,” then-anonymous Ghonim told The Daily Beast in January when the page had racked up 375,000 followers. “Some of the videos we publish get shared on people’s walls more than 30,000 times. That’s how powerful a virus can be… Once it’s out, it goes everywhere. It’s unstoppable.”


16 February 2011

SPECIAL: Slide Show–Who's Behind Egypt's Revolution?

Phi Beta Iota: Robert Dreyfuss is a “top gun” and has produced insights that CIA was/is incapable of producing.   Nothing has changed since the Burundi Exercise for the Aspin-Brown Commission.

WISCONSIN: Schools, teachers are focus of third day of protests

Gadhafi next? Anti-government protests spread to Libya

Police move in to clear protesters from Bahrain's capital

Ayatollah: U.S. trying to ‘derail’ Egyptian revolution

Divisions widen between the Egyptian army and youth

Protests Spread to Libya as Unrest Roils Bahrain, Yemen

US clueless about Egypt?

15 February 2011

Egypt protesters remind army who is really in charge

Is this a revolution or just a coup?

Uprising will only become a revolution when demands of protesters are met

Revolution Germ Will Spread in Arab World: Joshua Muravchik

The Pivotal Reason for Egypt's Revolution is Not Social Media

Iran protests ‘going nowhere', says Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Bahrain protesters make camp beneath capital landmark

Songs of the Revolution: A Bahrain Website Mixes Music and Activism

Wael Ghonim, Google exec, says Egypt's revolution is ‘like Wikipedia'

Blocking Facebook and Corporate Regime Change

Phi Beta Iota: This applies to military services also.

Iran Becomes Next Country For Facebook-Led Revolution

See: Internet Work-Arounds & OpenBTS

Iranian Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters, Arrest Dozens

Labor Strikes Hit Egypt as Military Calls Public Holiday

In Yemen, female activist strives for an Egypt-like revolution

Arab Revolution: Will Algeria's Regime Be the Next to Fall?



ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi's Italy is on the wrong side of history

IRAN: Protests Build in Tehran

PALESTINE: Abbas Shakes Up Cabinet in Election Push

YEMEN: Police attack Yemeni crowds seeking reform

ALGERIA: Police stifle Algeria protest

BAHREIN: Young Protesters Clash With Police in Bahrain

UNITED KINGDOM (Video 14 Dec 10): Reference: The Kids Are All Right–Mad as Hell!

Hanin Zoubi predicts Palestinian revolution

Hanin Zoubi , an Arab member of Israel's parliament (Knesset) has predicted a Palestinian revolution, modeled after the one in Egypt, which terminated three decades of dictatorship.

Iran and Bahrain join anti-regime fervor sparked by Egypt revolution (Ha'aretz)

Islamist regime has reportedly embarked on mass arrests of its opponents and ordered that two leaders of the opposition; Bahrain offers incentives to families to stop opposition.

My Take: Revolution 2.0 more secular than Islamic


Egyptian minds are opened (Al Jazeera)

Upheaval has opened the door to political and economic reform, but its most lasting effect may be a psychological one.

Lessons from Cairo: Making Peace with Yourself (Huffington Post)

But it's not just the Egyptians who are undergoing this time of chaos. We're all living in the collective chaotic field. What happens in one part of the field impacts the entire field. Our lives will also be changed by what's going on in Egypt.

Katherine Butler: Europe's betrayal of the Arab awakening (Independent)

Europe's conduct is even less helpful than The Muppet Show, and it's not just the inability to speak with a single voice that is the problem.

5 Stages of the Awakening (

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” -Henry Ford

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road”- Voltaire

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” — George Orwell (1984)

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.”- Voltaire

Thousands demand reforms in Algeria; 400 arrested

“This demonstration is a success because it's been 10 years that people haven't been able to march in Algiers and there's a sort of psychological barrier,” said Ali Rachedi, the former head of the Front of Socialist Forces party. “The fear is gone.”

Anti-government protests broken up in Yemen and Algeria

Riot police in Algiers dispersed thousands of people who had defied a government ban to demand that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika step down.  A similar march in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave office was attacked by government supporters.

Egypt Fed Up with Foreign Bullying–People Will Not Accept New Stooge

Russian Television, Middle Eastern commentator: Army is split, generals take orders from the Pentagon, younger officers do not.  General view that separation from US is needed.

Egypt, The Age Of Disruption And The ‘Me' In Media

But what's proving more consequential than access to information is our growing access to one another, human-to-human, enabled by the Internet and mobile tools. As the author Clay Shirky has consistently and presciently said: “We have historically overestimated the value of access to information and underestimated the value of access to one another.”

Egypt and Social Media: “Revolution 2.0” Roundup

• One TechCrunch writer says don’t overstate the importance of social media. “Twitter and Facebook are indeed useful tools,” the piece says, “but they are not tools of revolution—at least no more than Paul Revere’s horse was.” People are the real killer app, says the writer. If the revolution had happened five years ago, we would be championing the role of mobile phones.

Where Might Social Media Aid a Revolt Next?

I mean, this revolution in Egypt didn't happen because people decided to mount a Facebook campaign. It happened because there was real poverty in the country. There were real issues of food. And there was an authoritarian regime that had allowed this to happen, and clearly didn't care about its people.

Syrians Revel in Removal of Ban on Social Websites–Flock to Facebook

The ending of restrictions comes after Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, said he would push for change in the wake of the region's unrest.  While some Syrians view the lifting of the ban as a public-relations stunt, the response among the majority of young Syrians is the kind of enthusiasm the government was seeking.

As Mubarak resigns, Yemenis call for a revolution of their own

Thousands of secessionists protested in Yemen today in an example of how disparate movements across the Middle East are tapping the anti-regime fervor for their own disparate aims.

Google exec Wael Ghonim in Egypt says long live the revolution 2.0

As Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down Friday (and the hashtag grew in popularity on Twitter), Ghonim told CNN's Wolf Blitzer: “If you want to liberate a government, give them the Internet.”

Arab League chief Amr Moussa welcomes revolution

Why Americans Must Ignore the Islamophobes Who Misread the Egyptian Revolution

Protesters outraged over Mubarak address, vow to continue revolution (ahramonline.beta)

Chanting “down with Mubarak”, “down with the regime”, the protesters vowed to mainting their occupation of Tahrir sq and their demonstrations until they bring Mubarak and his regime down, once and for all. They expect to bring millions to the streets in Cairo and across the nation in tomorrow's Friday of Decision protest.

Egyptian workers join the revolution (ahramonline.beta)

Thousands of workers of the Mahalla Textile Company held a strike today demanding better wages. According to the Center for Trade Union & Workers’ Services (CTUWS), 24,000 workers took part in the protest.

The Meaning of the Egyptian People’s Revolution (History News Network)

With popular rage sweeping the country, the pressure on the Mubarak regime, and uncertainty with it, are bound to increase.  Friday will be another day of massive demonstrations.  Already labor unions, government employees, judges and medical staff have been joining the protestors.  The trend is likely to grow, but Mubarak has failed to judge the nation’s mood.

The revolution is just a tweet away (ABC)

Across the Arab world, in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Syria, people are on the march. Behind these displays of public power, there's a communications revolution which knows no borders. Social media forums have become magnets for public discontent and longstanding regimes are suddenly looking shaky.

Wael Ghonim

Ghonim electrified Egypt's revolution (CNN)

Phi Beta Iota:  He worked for Google, but it was Facebook that actually provided the tools for collective revolution.

Not 1989. Not 1789. But Egyptians can learn from other revolutions (Guardian)

Ecstatic crowds in Cairo prove there is no clash of civilisations – everyone wants freedom. The question is, how to get it?

Egypt protesters give new meaning to Internet revolution (Africa Business Daily)

Through Twitter, the protesters had agreed that all marches should converge at Shubra—a working class district in the centre of the city known as a stronghold of the Coptic Christian community.

Upper Egypt joins the revolution (AlMasryAlYoum)

Upper Egypt joins the revolutionRelatively calm since the beginning of the protests on 25 January, the Upper Egyptian region has now fully entered the nationwide protest movement.

Analysis: Egypt's unfinished revolution (BBC)

The huge demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday is the sharpest reminder yet for President Hosni Mubarak's regime that the protest movement is not being worn down.

Jordan tribes threaten revolution over country's Palestinian Queen Rania (Haaretz)

Hard-line nationalist East Bankers take issue with both Queen Rania's Palestinian background and her highly visible role in the country's male-dominated society.

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: If Only I Could Be Martyred For The Revolution In Egypt (MEMRI)

He said that the revolution in Egypt – which is sweeping all sectors of the Egyptian people, without external intervention, whether American or Iranian – is as important as the 2006 Lebanon war and the 2008 Gaza war, and will change the face of the region and impact the global balance of power.

Obama’s Brutal Barbaric Bombings of Civilians and his Assassination Squad Sparked Yemen Revolution

However US culpability in Egypt may be downplayed, President Obama’s aggression against the poor civilians of Yemen holds a large responsibility for the Yemen Revolution. How many massacres will the US puppet regimes carry out?

Internet-based revolution is possible (UAB Kaleidoscope)

AccessNow (, developer of the Global Proxy Cloud, instructs users around the world how to give their unused bandwidth to others in countries with strict blocks, or firewalls.  Another internet-based effort, Telecomix, is organized through chat rooms. When the Internet and mobile networks were shut down on January 27, the group began instructing activists through faxes about how to use amateur radios and dial-up modems.

Revolution tears down the wall between the internet and us (The National AE)

When the tipping point of revolution came, it was not from the intellectual circles of New York and London, but from disenfranchised youth on the Arab street.

Click to Enlarge

Which revolution will Egypt choose?

The Arab Revolution Is Beyond America's Control

Egypt protests will change the face of the region: Nasrallah

Democracy: Hypocrisy and revolution

Egypt’s Revolution: Two Lessons from History





6 February 2011

COMMENT: Reflections on Tunisian Revolution —Faheem Khan

The first lesson from Tunisia is that revolution is possible. This very thought is infectious, and it has rendered Arab leaders nervous. They are having nightmares of their being deposed and exiled as the Shah of Iran or Ben Ali of Tunisia

Egypt statement: Coalition of youth of the revolution

We have heard the president’s disappointing speech. And really someone who has killed more than 300 youths, kidnapped and injured thousands more is not entitled to brag about past glories. Nor are his followers entitled to talk about the President’s dignity, because the dignity [of] life and security of the Egyptian people is far more valuable than any single person’s dignity no matter how high a position he holds.

Cairo is not Tehran

Islamists dominated the opposition in 1979 in Iran.  Doomsayers are already warning that we're seeing a remake of Iran's Islamic revolution in Cairo. And on the surface, there are certainly parallels.

5 February 2011

Revolution and change

This is a youth revolt for their life…

Mubarak is still here, but there's been a revolution in our minds, say protesters

The Day of Departure has passed, but anti-government protesters say they will stay until they get their freedoms back

Al Jazeera: Egypt's 24-Hour Revolution

Somewhere Gil Scott-Heron must be reveling in the scene at Tahrir Square. African-Americans may not be pouring into U.S. streets looking for a brighter day, but millions of Egyptian spirits have brought Scott-Heron’s prophetic words to life.

When the revolution comes

The unfolding revolution in Egypt has not only caused nervousness among Arab dictators, it has also sent shockwaves throughout Israeli society.

Egypt: Secretary of State Clinton warns of ‘perfect storm'

Secretary of State Clinton warns of a “perfect storm of powerful trends” across the region, including a young population, political repression, economic disparity, and dwindling supplies of oil and water.

Coptic Christians show solidarity by forming a human chain around Islamic protesters during Friday prayers in Tehrir Square on Friday, February 04, 2011.

3 February 2011

Resource: 30 Years of Uprisings

Al-Jazeera's Revolution? Ctd

Getting in Line for a Revolution

Expulsion and Explosion: How Leaving the Internet Fueled Our Revolution

No Islamic Revolution is in the Making

The U.S. Will Hijack Egypt's Revolution

Why Yemen's Revolution Has Failed So Far

2 February 2011

The Arab world's 1989 revolution?

The ripple effect, described by one commentator as the “wave of democracy finally crashing on the North African shore”, has led to comparisons with the protest movement across Eastern Europe in 1989 that spelt the demise of communism and eventually the Soviet Union.

The Egyptian revolution: An interfaith movement

The protests have demonstrated explicit interfaith components. It was only a few weeks ago that Egyptian Muslims attended Christmas mass with their Christian neighbors and friends as human shields after the deadly attack on a Coptic church. Mohamed El-Sawy, whose cultural center has hosted World Faith Cairo events, said of faith relations in Egypt, “We either live together or we die together.” Returning the favor, Christians stood guard at mosques across Egypt while their Muslim friends finished their Friday prayers before the day's protests. When a few demonstrators began chanting “Allahu Akbar,” others convinced them to join together: “Muslim, Christian, we're all Egyptian!”

Oil Giants Fear Revolution Is Coming To Them Next

But what happens when the unrest spreads to oil-rich Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Algeria? Already Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said he won’t run for re-election. Dissidents have called for protests in Algeria on Feb. 12, Bahrain on Feb. 14 and Libya on Feb. 17.

Sat Dishes and Revolution: Why Al Jazeera Matters There — and Here

Al Jazeera has become the channel of first choice; traffic to the English-language stream online has grown by 2,500 percent since last Friday. And Mohamed Nanabhay, the head of online for the English language channel, told The New York Times‘ Brian Stelter that the site's live stream had been viewed over 4 million times since Friday, and that 1.6 million of those views have come from the United States.

1 February 2011

Egyptian voices reflect diverse crowd of protesters

A tapestry of people covered the streets of Egypt on Tuesday. They are young and old, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian. There were even people who, amid the sweeping calls for President Hosni Mubarak's resignation, made known their support for the embattled leader.

Egypt's Youthquake: At a Nerve Center of the Revolution

They're lawyers, accountants and web designers. They wear jeans and flip flops, colorful headscarves, and the black and white checkered keffiyahs associated with the Palestinian intifadeh.

The revolution underway in Egypt is being closely watched by Gaza's youth who see it as a source of empowerment and inspiration.

Amazing images of what can now be called a ‘revolution' in Egypt

According to early reports the crowds are not satisfied with Mubarak's speech, chanting “Leave! Leave!” in response to his message.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Monday, Mr Assad said Syria was “immune” from the turmoil affecting Egypt and Tunisia.

Do we need the Internet for a revolution?

As Matthew Hindman states in “The Myth of Digital Democracy“: “The Internet's successes at democratizing politics are real. Yet the medium's failure in this regard are less acknowledged and ultimately just as profound.”

30 January 2010

Tell everyone: Egypt's revolution is sweet and peaceful

No one wants the Muslim Brotherhood to take over, no one wants violence – just elections and a new constitution

A Note of Warning and Encouragement for Egyptians

From an Iranian writer who lived through the 1979 Revolution.

Emerging Basics of Free Internet and Internet for Freedom

MIRROR: How to Communicate & Restore Collective Power if the US Government Shuts Down the Internet

Reference: Wireless Mesh Internet–A List

Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t …

Internet Work-Arounds for Egypt Updated

Strategic Phasing Toward World Brain & Global Game

Basics of Revolution

Preconditions of Revolution in the USA Today

Graphic: Pre-Conditions of Revolution

1992 MCU Thinking About Revolution

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 101 (Wrong Way)

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 102 (Right Way)

Review: Radical Man–The Process of Psycho-Social Development

Core Readings on the Power of the Public

Review: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

Review: The Power of the Powerless–Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe

Review: The Unconquerable World–Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People

Context Reading

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Negative)

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Positive)

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