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Share your confusions

If you're building for digital, for a place where you can't possibly be present to guide or to answer questions, I think it's vital you have someone who can review your work. Same for instruction manuals, secret ballots and road signs.

Not to make suggestions to make it better (what do they know?) but to share their confusions.

I don't think that's a phrase, but it should be. Share your confusions is a way of asking someone to dissect your work and point out what's not totally clear.

Phi Beta Iota: This is an incredibly important observation by Brother Seth.  Complexity today can only be addressed on the fly by all of us working in a transparent fashion.  “Rule by Secrecy” is over but the vestiges, including large numbers of morally and intellectually challenged citizens, will take a decade or more to rehabilitate.   “Let it all hang out” is the twin to “It's all connected.”

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