There’s Something Happening Here…[or Not]

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Venessa Miemis

There’s Something Happening Here…

May 1, 2011

by Venessa Miemis

I came across this post from Dave Pollard via Twitter the other day, and found it so provocative that I am compelled to crosspost. (I emailed Dave and he gave me his permission.) After I retweeted it, a few people wrote back saying it was overly pessimistic and doom-and-gloomy, but after looking through some of Dave’s other posts, he seems to actually be quite optimistic that the power of local community and resilience can “save the world.” Some other posts of his work checking out – A Framework for Personal Action, How to Save the World Reading List, and a really neat list of 65 Essential Abilities for a Relocalized World. Anyway, the piece just made me go “hmmm,” so I wanted to share. The original can be found here.

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Phi Beta Iota: We agree with the deep dismay, we do not agree with the forecast.

The ONE THING that is agile and resilient in the face of catstrophic complexity is the human brain–all of them, all the time.

Industrial Era governments and corporations and non-governmental organizations are now pathologically inept, and must be replaced by hybrid networks that share information and achieve sustainable progress through trust and consensus.

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