Event: 1500 ET 7 June Ben & Jerry on Restoring USA

John Steiner


We hope that you can join us for a

Webinar:  Beyond Citizens United: Returning our Democracy and Constitution to the People with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s )

Tuesday, June 7th ­ 3pm ET, 2pm CT, 1pm MT, 12pm PT

Join us for presentations and dialogue with: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s) who will offer a business perspective on Citizens United and challenge the notion that corporations are people with constitutional rights, including limitless financial license to influence our elections.  Hear from national advocates for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, John Bonifaz and Jeff Clements of Free Speech for People, who will present the historical and legal background and rationale for
challenging the fabricated doctrine of corporate rights under the Constitution.  American Sustainable Business Council¹s Executive Director David Levine will give an update on the Campaign. Please share this invitation with business leaders who may be interested.

Cosponsored by A Business for Democracy (http://www.businessfordemocracy.com
<http://www.businessfordemocracy.com>  ) and Free Speech For People
(http://www.freespeechforpeople.org <http://www.freespeechforpeople.org>   )

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For more information about the American Sustainable Business Council
http://www.asbcouncil.org <http://www.asbcouncil.org>

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