Jock Gill: Carbon Negative Energy

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Jock Gill

Carbon Negative Energy

This new/old, yet simple technology, creates carbon negative energy by extracting carbon from the feedstocks for use in agriculture, water treatment, and other applications.  Additionally, more than three billion people can benefit from the biochar process using nearly 100% recyclable materials. Applications of pyrolysis include creating home heating systems that produce carbon for sequestering,  as well as clean burning stoves that reduced health risks while providing farmers with a beneficial soil amendment.   Jock Gill is a leader in creating simple and low cost units for introducing students to pyrolysis and its two principal co-products: Thermal energy & biochar.

There is a 27 minute video interview for STEM educartors in which I answer questions about pyrolysis, iCans and biochar: -carbon-negative-…

If you add sensors & actuators to an iCan, does it become an iCan robot? Could this be a STEM project?  A 4H project?

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