John Robb: Some Hot Connections

Worth A Look
John Robb

Some random items of interest:

  • Digital Black Market: The Silk Road.  Uses bitcoins (the decentralized, but not anonymous, crypto-currency that’s useful for transactions — see wiki for more) and eBay style reputation rating to grease the wheels of unrestricted e-commerce.   Requires TOR (the anonymizing network) to connect to the site.  “Right now you can buy an 1/8th of pot on Silk Road for 7.63 Bitcoins.”
  • Gliffy.  The best online diagramming/wireframing tool I’ve found.
  • MyCube launches a beta.  Built by a friend of mine with a team in Singapore.  A facebook + microtransaction system (currently, the currency it’s using internally is based on the Singaporean dollar).  It would be pretty snazzy if used inside a company (the transaction system could be used for expense reporting).  On the other hand, it’s also got some useful capabilties for an alter or darknet.  If you want access, ping me via e-mail.
  • Nationbuilder.  VERY cool campaign management software.
  • al Qaeda planned to kill Lockheed Martin CEO as revenge for drone attacks.  Piercing the corporate veil (a legal term for making executives liable for the actions of their companies) is a viable global guerrilla strategy.  It has worked in previous instances.  I suspect most planners assume that senior execs travel with bodyguards in the US like they do in many countries or that their homes are walled fortresses.  They don’t and they aren’t.  Everyone, even the most senior exec, is easy to find and access.
  • More later.

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