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Thank you.  This web site now attracts “value-added” searches that help flesh out all that we have not been able to cover in the time we have been exploring “truth” as opposed to twaddle.  Rather than integrate a guest review of this book, we are providing here both a link to the book and to several other books along the same lines–the line is now drawn:  legalized criminal violent power versus collective non-violent bottom-up non-zero sharing.  What astonishes us is how many Nobel Peace Prizes have gone to those who are so deeply engaged in the global legalized criminal violent enterprise.  That marks the full extent of the network.

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Government of the Shadows analyses the concept of clandestine government. It explores how covert political activity and transnational organised crime are linked — and how they ultimately work to the advantage of state and corporate power. The book shows that legitimate government is now routinely accompanied by extra-governmental covert operations. Using a variety of case studies, from the mafia in Italy to programmes for food and reconstruction in Iraq, the contributors illustrate that para-political structures are not ‘deviant', but central to the operation of global governments.
The creation of this truly parallel world-economy, the source of huge political and economic potential, entices states to undertake new forms of regulation, either through their own intelligence agencies, or through the more shadowy world of criminal cartels.
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Starred Review. In Scott's view, the American military-industrial complex so feared by Eisenhower has grown into a military-industrial-corporate behemoth. This “overclass,” often functioning independently from the official elected government, has spearheaded countless actions that it perceives to be in the best interest of perpetuating American hegemony. With exhaustive research and extremely persuasive arguments, Scott (The Road to 9/11) seeks to prove that the funding and motivation behind America's assertion of global supremacy can be traced to drugs. Drug money fueled American actions in Laos and Vietnam during the Cold War, American support of the mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 80s, and defines American political action in Latin America and present-day Afghanistan. By looking at covert activity and recorded history through the lens of American global dominance, Scott makes a terrifyingly compelling case; he asks readers to consider what actions taken in the last 50 years have not benefited America's military-industrial complex, such an integral part of the global economy. While Scott can get mired in minutiae, his carefully structured arguments never fail to interest or disturb.

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The dollar financial system of Wall Street was born not at a conference in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in 1944. It was born in the first days of August, 1945 with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that point the world was in no doubt who was the power to reckon with. This book is no ordinary book about money and finance. Rather it traces the history of money as an instrument of power; it traces the evolution of that power in the hands of a tiny elite that regards themselves as, quite literally, gods-The Gods of Money. How these gods abused their power and how they systematically set out to control the entire world is the subject.

Think for a moment would you ever have believed that we would take $700 Billion of taxpayer's money and bailout Wall Street? It has been said many times that this is “Privatizing the Profits and Socializing the Debt” and to top it all off none of the money was used to buy “Troubled Assets!” They are still on the books. As William Engdahl says in his forward this is not a book to address these financial events, it is a book about Power. I make this point to emphasize that it took a lot of power to make this happen when so much of the public was against it.

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This book proves, in simple easy language, that we are living in a “Matrix”. Behind a fraudulent and corrupt “monetary” system lies a hidden creditor. This book proves that this creditor is actually the puppeteer of an insolvent government and hidden master of all American citizens and courts. The creditor has deviously devised a monetary system based on exchange of debt owned and or liened by the creditor. As one may not see one specific tree in the forest, one does not see a hidden mark (lien) on every transaction he makes, until that specific mark is actually pointed out. Then it becomes visible for all time. “They Own It All” proves that we all have become subject to a devious scheme for our daily transactions. The book reveals the common denominator for the economic implosion, loss of unalienable rights, rise of government tyranny, and how the servant (government) became the master, though itself serving a well hidden higher master. By making the invisible (toxic and liened currency) visible the Reader is empowered to remedy a collapsing society with solid steps to create a new order for the People, not the government and its hidden puppeteers.

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