Snapshot: Tea Party Headlines

Cultural Intelligence
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Needed: A Tea Party for smart people

Protest Movement Starts ‘Rebranding’ Billionaire Koch Brothers

Wall Street Journal Honcho Shills for Secret Worker ‘Education’ Program Linked to Koch Group

Jim Hightower column: Academic freedom for sale, cheap, too

Letter: Billionaires duped patriotic Americans

Koch brothers wage a war on Americans

Koch Bros. Accused of Stonewalling Congress on Their Keystone XL Pipeline Interest

Phi Beta Iota: The ignorance of the public–Democrat, Republican, and Independent, is profound.  Most Tea Party members really have no idea that there are two Tea Parties, and the one that has influence is not the one they belong to.  Most citizens have no clue that to harvest oil from sands you have to use water from aquifers–water we cannot afford to waste.  Needed desperately is public intelligence in the public interest.

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