Weak Signals: Glenn Beck Now Netanyahu’s Bitch, Israel Kicks Off “Final” Propaganda Campaign

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Background: One of the most powerful alliances in modern propaganda history was formed between Israeli militant Jews and the extreme right-wing evangelicals.  A joint project to develop the perfect “red calf” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Discussion: There are weak but clear signals that Israel is kicking off a “final” or “scorched earth” propaganda campaign with the common theme of labeling both the Arabs and the Chinese as “Nazis,” (and the Iranian's as “pivotal” creators of 9/11 attack), of cancelling Barack Obama's “contract” to be the lead actor at the White House, of making it clear to the Republican Presidential candidates that the nomination will be channeled via Israel, and–saddest of all–that Glenn Beck is now Netanyahu's bitch.  The sidebar is Iran, it's nuclear program, and the very high probability that the US Pentagon–regardless of what Barack Obama thinks or wants–will engage in an illegal offensive action against Iran, “over-ruling” Obama just as they did with the Bin Laden Show, but pointing out that in the face of the collapsing economy, starting a nuclear war over Iran is his last best shot at a second term.  We don't make this stuff up.  The good news is that Roger Ailes has fired Glenn Beck, and is thinking deeply about the lack of a Republican bench, strategy, or even coherent philosophy upon which to base a campaign for the Presidency.

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