Event: 9-15 Aug Richmond, Indiana “Listening” American Society of Cybernetics

Cultural Intelligence

The annual meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics for 2011 will consist of the following components:

  • Pre- Conference with the ASC General Business Meeting, the Annual ASC Event and Tutorials on (2nd order) Cybernetics
  • Post-Conference Study

The ASC Listening Conference 2011 is the central three day event of our conference suite, an examination of “Listening” (understood metaphorically), explored conversationally, with evening presentations and performances.

The central conference is framed by a pre- conference meeting including tutorials of an introductory and exploratory nature, introducing and working with cybernetic concepts, and a post-conference workshop celebrating the centenary of Heinz von Foerster (who founded the society) and Ernst von Glasersfeld (who died just before Christmas 2010) where we will study selected papers with others who share curiosity about their work.

The central conference is scheduled 11 to 13 August, inclusive, The pre- conference will be 9 to 10 August, and the post-conference will be 14 to 15 August. The registration fee is for the central conference. The pre- and post-conference events are free to those attending the central conference.

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