John Robb: Attacks on Energy Infrastructure

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John Robb

Tracking Energy Attacks site.  This is a great early site put up by my friend, the excellent analyst Jennifer Giroux.  If the oil companies and defense/intel world isn't fully funding her work analyzing attacks on energy infrastructrue, they are making a BIG mistake.

Sample Headlines:

Another Sinai EI Attack: Fourth times the charm

Status of Libyan Rebels Control of Oil Resources

FARC Strikes Again: Cañon Limon (aka “The Flute”) Pipeline Attacked

Oil Tanker Attacked in Indian Ocean, Hijacking Unsuccessful

Phi Beta Iota:  Not only is it possible to create a prosperous world at peace for one third of what we spend on war, but a tumultous world is UNAFFORDABLE.  Special interests have been getting by on the margin.  Law enforcement and the military were designed for the 10% that are recalcitrant to the standing world order.  When that number climbs to 20% and toward 40%, the efficacy and affordability of violent solutions to non-state violence collapse.

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