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Wardriving Evolves Into Warflying

Researchers release specs for a DIY radio-controlled plane that hacks systems by air

By Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Editor

Dark Reading, 4 August 2011

BLACK HAT USA 2011 — Las Vegas — Yesterday at Black Hat, two security researchers demonstrated how a radio-controlled model airplane outfitted with a computer and 4G connectivity could be used to create a nearly undetectable aerial hacking device that could perpetrate aerial attacks on targets otherwise unreachable by land.

Created completely with off-the-shelf equipment and open-source software — and with a budget of only about $6,100 — the demo plane they brought on stage with them was capable of wireless network sniffing and cracking, cell tower spoofing, cell phone tracking and call interception, data exfiltration, and video surveillance.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Until integrity in all senses of the word is “root,” society will continue to be vulnerable to all forms of corruption including low-bidder unethical cyber-systems, and high-bidder unethical cyber-attack.

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