Event: 6 Oct Freedom Plaza DC Occupation & Resistance

Cultural Intelligence

From Margaret Flowers, M.D. and activist with the Physicians for a National Health Planto friends of the Tikkun Community and Network of Spiritual Progressives:

Beginning on October 6, 2011, we (thousands of individuals) will gather together to occupy Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C.We will hold a rally that day starting at noon with music and speakers, including Rabbi Michael Lerner. Then those of us who are able will participate in a nonviolent resistance action. At the end of the day, we will stay in the Plaza. We are determined to stay until we see action being taken to end corporatism and militarism and move towards a peaceful, just and sustainable society.

We are the October2011 Movement, individuals and groups who advocate for peace, human rights and social, economic and environmental justice. Already thousands have taken the pledge to join us at our web site . People are arranging carpools and buses from across the country. All are welcome. Some will arrive on Oct. 6 and some will arrive when they are able.

We are calling the occupation “Stop the Machine! Create a New World” because there are two components to the action. One part is stopping concentrated corporate capital through sustained nonviolence. The other is educating and empowering people so that we can implement solutions to our current crises.

Each day there will be nonviolence training sessions and actions, educational workshops, music and arts and assemblies so that we can decide what changes we require to end exploitation of people and the planet and meet our fundamental needs for jobs, education, housing, food and healthcare.

Please visit the website and either take the pledge to join us in Freedom Plaza or join the online community and get involved locally. Registration at the website allows you to participate in the discussions there. You are not required to register to join us. And watch our short video.

We see occupations rising up in capitals all across the nation and the world. The regular tools of democracy are no longer sufficient. Now is the time for us to come together. Through unity we will create a better world.

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