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Where I have been Hiding — Struggling to tell the R&E Story to a Larger World

Beginning last October and continuing through May I wrote a book part 1 and part 2 in which I have tried to examine Research and Education networks globally but with the primary emphasis on The Netherlands, Europe and the US as exemplified by Internet2. These networks are morphing into a platform for the conduct of collaborative science and present a potentially compelling alternative to commercial internet. These are taking shape into what could be a powerful alternative network based economy.

This January, when I saw US UCAN described in the abstract I became very enthusiastic about it a potential morphing into a national public internet for supporting John Robbsian Resilliant Communities. While Internet 2 finally got a much needed dose of new leadership i found that its Washington DC grant oriented minimum risk taking culture has not changed significantly.

At 140,000 words I realized in May I needed and introduction and summary for my book. I wrote one a a contribution to the Peer to Peer Foundation Wiki. That may be read here.

Unfortunately given the austerity kick under way there is no support for outreach and i am beginning in frustration to go back to the the run of the mill commercial internet. However Michell Bauwens did present my summaries on the P2P foundation blog.

I will post updates of those as follow ups to this.

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