John Steiner: Rescuing the American Dream

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John Steiner

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Lakoff: How to Rescue the American Dream from the GOP’s Nightmare

The Republicans are redefining “democracy”–but it’s time to remember what the real dream of democracy meant.
George Lakoff and Glenn Smith
AlterNet, 28 July
And here is the advertisement slated to start running in various newspapers.
It articulates ten specific contract elements:
1.  Invest in America’s Infrastructure   .  2.  Create 21st Century Energy Jobs   .  3.  Invest in Public Education
4.  Offer Medicare for All   .  5.  Secure Social Security   .  6.  Return to Fairer Tax Rates   .  7.  End the Wars and Invest at Home   .  8.  Tax Wall Street Speculation   .  9.  Strengthen Democracy
Phi Beta Iota:  This is the most serious list we have seen outside of our founder’s own Seven Promises to America.    It is in no way associated with NO LABELS or Americans Elect.

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