Steve Walsh: Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment — People’s Grand Juries Against Government Officials

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Dear Robert;

On your interview with Sharnael Wolverton and Sacha Stone, you said at 8:15 on the tape, “This is a great country and we have allowed pieces of crap to run it into the ground.”

You must UNDERSTAND THIS: James Madison wrote the word “presentment” into the first clause of the Fifth Amendment. Progressive statute wrote it out in 1946. I discovered it in 2015 and wrote an expose about it and how to correct it.

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Tom Atlee’s Co-Intelligence Journal

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Tom Atlee

Dear friends,

For several years I have been increasingly challenged, curious and evolving in my journey regarding equity, justice, and privilege. Recently I’ve read three articles that together offer a perspective that I experience as a watershed in this exploration.

The first one offers a remarkably co-intelligent perspective on diversity, privilege and equity that I shared last week. It and the next one (below) highlight how privilege-derived power can be used to change systems of marginalization and oppression. This requires privileged people to awaken from the presumption and unconsciousness that usually accompany privilege, so they can CHOOSE to use their power in such life-affirming ways. Continue reading “Tom Atlee's Co-Intelligence Journal”

Matt Ehret: Tomorrow’s Arctic: Theatre of War or Cooperation? The Real Story Behind the Alaska Purchase

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Today, the Arctic has increasingly become identified as a domain of great prosperity and cooperation amongst world civilizations on the one side and a domain of confrontation and war on the other.

In 2007, the Russian government first voiced its support for the construction of the Bering Strait rail tunnel connecting the Americas with the Eurasian continent- a policy which has taken on new life in 2020 as Putin’s Great Arctic Development strategy has wedded itself to the northern extension of the Belt and Road Initiative (dubbed the Polar Silk Road). In 2011, the Russian government re-stated its pledge to build the $64 billion project.

On the Stone Age side of things, deep state neocons have also looked upon the arctic as a strategic zone of global importance, but with a very different mental filter from their Russian counterparts. NORAD’s leadership and a vast array of NATO-philes have repeatedly called upon the Arctic as a domain of militarization and confrontation with their primary “strategic nemeses” Russia and China.

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Def Dog: Make Sheriffs Great Again

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America is teetering toward one-party rule in Washington, D.C. Waiting for a Republican Congress isn’t a real strategy. Instead, the right must focus locally, principally on the county sheriff with Sheriff Bill Waybourn as a role model, to revive America.

It should be obvious by now, but too many conservatives and Republicans still do not fully get how stacked the cards are against them. The left may still be reeling from President Donald Trump’s impact in 2016, but for the most part, they haven’t lost any ground.

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Matt Ehret: The Plasma Universe and Max Planck’s Musical Space-Time Revisited

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Near the end of 2019, signals arrived to Earth from the Voyager 2 spacecraft which have shaken the foundations of modern physics, and brought into question what are the forces and principles shaping the space time of stars within galaxies (and implicitly galaxies within clusters of galaxies). The data which NASA scientists received from Voyager 2 have catapulted mankind’s ability to finally answer the old question of “what is in the “space” between stars or even between galaxies within our universe? As Voyager Project scientist Ed Stone stated:

“The Voyager probes are showing us how our sun interacts with the stuff that fills most of the space between stars in the milky way Galaxy.”

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