Koko: Bloomberg’s Ambitions Destroyed by Marijuana

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No Cause for Marijuana Case, but Enough for Child Neglect

New York Times, August 17, 2011

The police found about 10 grams of marijuana, or about a third of an ounce, when they searched Penelope Harris’s apartment in the Bronx last year. The amount was below the legal threshold for even a misdemeanor, and prosecutors declined to charge her.  . . . The police had reported her arrest to the state’s child welfare hot line, and city caseworkers quickly arrived and took the children away.

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Parents' Marijuana Possession Gets Their Kids Taken Away

In February, it was reported that the NYPD arrested 50,383 people for having marijuana in 2010. That made it the number one reason for arrest in the city.  In March, news broke that New York spent $75 million last year putting people in jail for pot possession.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Michael Bloomberg is not stupid, but many of his advisors are.  The magnitude of this error in judgment is in our view sufficient to disqualify Mayor Bloomberg from ever being seriously considered for President.  What this makes clear is that New York City is not just the epicenter of global financial fraud, but also the epicenter of the US prison-industry.   This is a national disgrace.

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