Michael Ostrolenk: Green Scissors Identifies Hundreds of Billions in Wasteful Subsidies That Are Inherently Corrupt

Michael Ostrolenk

Green Scissors Coalition Identifies Hundreds of Billions in Wasteful Subsidies

By: David Dayen

FireDogLake, August 24, 2011

A transpartisan coalition called Green Scissors released a report today showing that $380 billion in savings over five years can be achieved by “curbing wasteful spending that harms the environment.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  Corruption and lack of integral design are central to everything.  50% of every health dollar is waste; 43% of every food dollar is waste; we lack documentation but believe that 50% or more of all centralized energy production is lost before it ever gets to an end-user.  The Industrial Era certainly has its positives, but now the negatives are in the ascent and it is time to do what Russell Ackoff and Buckminster Fuller among others have been preaching: get a grip, do the right thing, and recognize that holistics analytics is the starting point.  Integrity.  One word–such a difference it could make.  Integrity at Scale.  Another term for God.

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