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Below is one depiction of the tribal distribution for Libya.  Turkey will eventually have much more influence here.

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Power of the Powerless. Vaclav Havel, Howard Zinn (RIP), and Jonathan Schell are among the great modern minds that have understood the power of the public when it finally gives up the notion that its government might be acting in its interest and discovers its own sovereign power to say no and “be” the nation-state.  When governments lose all legitimacy, and the public sees a path  toward a new equilibrium, the public is a force that cannot be repressed.  Cold War and Industrial Era “stability” has been false, imposed by a paradigms of failure, like a pendulum “stable” at the top of the circle.  The pendulum has been jolted off its top of the circle stability, and is in freefall.  It will inevitably settle at the bottom of the circle with the people never again allowing force or finance to concentrate wealth and commit other atrocities.  There are–in addition to populations finally fed with illegitimate governance, over 5,000 secessionist movements now ready to dispute the artificial political boundaries imposed at the point of a gun by the Western colonial powers supplanted by the US in the 20th Century.  This will take a quarter century to play out.  There is one value and one value alone that will see us through this: INTEGRITY.  The days of the Great Satan and its 42 of 44 dictator “best pals” are drawing to a close.  It’s time for America the Beautiful to re-emerge.

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