Cynthia McKinney: Libya Round-Up 23 August 2011

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Cynthia McKinney

From Don DBar on behalf of Cynthia McKinney.

Battle for Tripoli not yet over as Gaddafi loyalists strike back

Washington Post, 22 August 2011

KPFA's Davey D interviews Don DeBar about the real on-the-ground situation in Tripoli.

This PressTV bit with me was recorded at 2:30 pm New York time yesterday (22 Aug 2011). At that time, I questioned the veracity of the claimed capture of Gadaffi's sons and of rebel control of the city of Tripoli. It turns out I was right.

No, I don't have a crystal ball – just good contacts on the ground who don't lie or hold their tongues when they see horrible wrong being done. NATO – that's Obama to the apologists – has done everything to keep this information from you, but the truth will out!

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Libya Coverage Provides a Peek Behind the Curtain

Don DeBar at

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Interview on Costs of War on Sahar TV

Phi Beta Iota:  US Information Operations (IO) includes Pyschological Operations (PSYOP, now under a new name, same mindset, which is to deceive rather than to promulgate the truth).  It has improved since its signal success in sending Iraqi troops home rather than having to deal with their surrender.  What we are seeing in relation to Libya, apart from the impeachable crimes of pilots, generals, Congress, and the White House, is a major IO/PSYOP campaign that is driven by Wall Street and Big Oil, not by the public interest.  Interestingly, this is also the first time that the truth is being crowd-sourced in a moderately effective manner, suggesting that in the future any IO/PSYOP campaign that is less than truthful will be outed in quick time.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The respective press–those trapped in a hotel in Tripoli and those embedded with the rebels–are seeing only what they are allowed to see.  Apart from Patrick Meier, Arno Reuser and a few others, no one is actually putting together “ground truth” based on widely scatted Twitter and other forms of communication.  The West sees Libya as oil, water, and gold.  The Africa Union has failed to see the urgency of protecting its interest in all three.

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