Who’s Who in Public Intelligence: Steven Howard Johnson

Alpha I-L, Public Intelligence
Steven Howard Johnson

Social Entrepreneur 1996 – Ongoing

Author, Integrity at Scale: Big Answers for America’s Challenges, book manuscript, presently available at www.IntegrityAtScaleBlog.com.  Today’s United States is not a competent nation.  Yesterday’s civic habits are insufficient for today’s major challenges.  America requires a redesign revolution and hasn’t the slightest idea how to begin.  Integrity at Scale lays out a path toward competence that is independent of political ideology.

Social Security Reform Websites.  Created two websites to help users understand Social Security’s long-range solvency challenges, www.sscommonsense.org and www.simcivic.org.  The second website featured a java-based solvency model.  These websites remain relevant and are retained for archival value.

Consulting                                                                                                               1985 – 2007

Mr. Johnson has worked as a management consultant for a number of years.  Most recently he worked with Education Resource Strategies (ERS), a nationally prominent firm whose clients have included many of the nation’s largest school systems.  With Gates funding, ERS developed a web-based budget tool to help school district leaders test the likely costs of different educational resource strategies.  Mr. Johnson built the budget tool for ERS in Excel; ERS now hosts the tool at www.erstools.org.

Mr. Johnson’s previous consulting assignments have been diverse.  He served the Bipartisan Congressional Retreat as a facilitator.  He has done work for ATT and Ameritech, for S3 Technologies, for a recognition systems subsidiary of AEG, and for the Maryland State Highway Administration.  As a contractor with Gemini Consulting, he worked on a number of Bell Atlantic projects, an IBM project, and a Dun & Bradstreet project.  As a consultant for Bain & Company, his assignments took him into Nielsen Media, Dun & Bradstreet Plan Services, Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools, Rorer Pharmaceutical, Harris Graphics, and Genstar Roofing.

Manufacturing                                                                                                       1983 – 1985

Led the first Just in Time Manufacturing Project at the Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP).  This project introduced Japanese manufacturing principles to JEP; those early steps ripened over the years into a very mature and successful manufacturing operation.  JEP’s daily volume has grown by a factor of nine, its parts inventory has shrunk almost to nothing, its material storage racks have disappeared.

Union Leader, Cab Driver                                                                                    1969 – 1980

As President of the Independent Drivers Association, organized the drivers’ 1979 buyout of Denver Yellow Cab so that the company could be run as a driver-owned cooperative.


MBA, Stanford Business School, 1982.    Arjay Miller Scholar (Top 10%).

BA, Harvard College, 1966.  Cum Laude in U.S. History

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