Vishal Singh: Free Collaboration/Project Management

Worth A Look

Dear Phi Beta Iota Reader:

Would you be interested in trying out our project collaboration platform?  Please try BootStrapToday, to collaborate different teams (software dev/testing), projects, clients and all the resources working on the project.

Features include

  1. Online Project Collaboration
  2. User & Project Dashboad
  3. Ticket Management System
  4. Milestones
  5. Document & Code Management
  6. Project Charts
  7. Time Tracking
  8. Wall
  9. Calendar
  10. Activity Stream
  11. SSL
  12. Support

I am sure it will increase the productivity & efficiency of your team. You & your team can sign-up on BootStrapToday for FREE.

Need a demo on the project collaboration platform or any relevant information regarding BootStrapToday? Connect with me on skype-bootstraptoday1

Best Wishes,

Vishal Singh


Pune, MH, India

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