Books/DVD on LBJ and JFK Assassination–Will This Hurt Governor Perry’s Quest for Presidency?

Impeachment & Treason

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LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination

Betrayal in Dallas: LBJ, the Pearl Street Mafia, and the Murder of President Kennedy

Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.

LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy–A Coalescence of Interests

DVD: The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Phi Beta Iota:  The jury is still out, and the issue of whether Cuban exiles supported by CIA including forged Secret Service credentials, or Dallas mob contract killers, or both, were “prime,” remains to be settled.  However, the nature of Oswald as a patsy, and the contrived “evidence” from Russia and Mexico, suggest a very important role for selected CIA leaders (not necessarily the institution) in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  This flurry of books could have an interesting effect on the presidential candidacy of Governor Perry, leading to his character assassination by association….whether deserved or not, it is clear Texas as a culture has some truth and reconciliation in its future.  It merits comment that JFK was warned by his brother that assassination leads had been picked up and JFK himself chose to ignore those warnings and expose himself in his enemy's lair.  In our view, the JFK and MLK assassinations embolded the “rule by secrecy” white collar crime families, and turned every subsequent President into a pawn to be used against We the People in favor of the financial crime families.  If Governor Perry gets a major financial bounce–including the same $300 million in undeclared (illegal) contributions that Obama got and did not account for, he can be regarded as the heir apparent to the farce we call democracy.

The essential themes of the book include:

– Johnson's mental issues (paranoia, bi-polar disorder and sociopathic personality) and criminal associations drove him higher and higher up the ladder;

– Desperate to achieve his lifelong obsession of becoming president of the United States, he began planning in 1958-59 to force himself onto the ticket as vice president in 1960, because of his fear of losing as a presidential candidate.

– During his time as Vice President, Johnson hated being in that office and continued his criminal actions and associations with Billie Sol Estes and Bobby Baker (and through Baker, with many other Mafia-connected lobbyists like Fred Black, Irving Davidson, Mickey Weiner, oilmen like Clint Murchison and H.L. Hunt and gangsters like Johnny Roselli, Cliff Jones, Ed Levinson and Ben Seigelbaum, who were directly tied to Mob-boss Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana, who were at war with the Kennedys).  All during his vice presidency, Johnson continued fighting Kennedy on every foreign and domestic initiative he tried to advance — from Berlin to Cuba to Vietnam — and did everything in his power to impede passage of the Civil Rights Act, keeping it bottled up in congress during the entire period.

– As JFK continued making peace overtures to the cold war enemies (his “Peace Speech,” the nuclear test ban, his reversal of policy towards Vietnam, his negotiated settlement on the Cuban missile crisis) a number of men holding very high offices in the military and intelligence agencies became very upset and decided, with Johnson's backing and provocations, to effect an “Executive Action” to remove JFK.

There are many loose strings which connect all of this together and reveal the existence of a widely based conspiracy, with connections to the Mafia, the military and CIA networks.  The author concludes that LBJ understood the correctness and necessity of JFK's policy initiatives, but his obsession to be a great president led him to both condone the assassination of JFK, and to then adopt those policy initiatives as his own.

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Here's what we now know: John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by Mafia contract killers hired by Louisiana mob boss Carlos Marcello. Kennedy was killed in that city because it was the only place in the country where a crime of that magnitude could be committed without fear of punishment. Long-time local district attorney Henry Wade, an LBJ crony who would have sole jurisdiction over the prosecution of those responsible, had been corrupted by the local Civello crime family. Lyndon B. Johnson, while a U.S. senator during the 1950s, had accepted bribes from the same mobsters so that they could avoid deportation.

With incredible detail and documentation, Mark North pieces the puzzle together to reveal how in late 1961, U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy and his brother John, who hated LBJ, initiated a covert Organized Crime Task Force investigation of the Civello mob in Dallas. They understood that destroying the Dallas Mafia would also destroy LBJ. Johnson, through Wade and local federal officials he had placed in power, learned of the plan and cooperated with the Civello mob to have JFK killed. Johnson did this, in part, because he had the power to control any subsequent federal investigation via FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Johnson had leverage over Hoover because he had learned that the director and his assistant Clyde Tolson were lovers. After the Mafia killed JFK, Johnson stopped Robert Kennedy's prosecution of the Dallas Mafia.

Betrayal in Dallas is unlike any book written on the JFK assassination. Because its conclusions are based on classified federal documents unknown to the public and research community, it will startle and convince all those who read it. It is inevitable that, at some point, any great historical truth becomes known.

75 black-and-white photographs

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From Publishers Weekly:  McClellan's overwrought conspiracy theory claims that Lyndon Johnson-motivated by power lust, fear of being dropped from the Kennedy ticket, and the need to cover up various scandals-masterminded Kennedy's assassination with the help of his evil “superlawyer” Ed Clark. But his evidence is meager and murky, even by the standards of Kennedy conspiracy scholarship. The main exhibit is a smudged partial fingerprint from Oswald's sniper's nest that may or may not belong to a Johnson associate, depending on which fingerprint expert you ask. Otherwise McClellan relies on what he heard during his years at Clark's law firm-e.g., a partner told him that Clark arranged the assassination-and the description of scenes in which a “a fixed stare,” vague, unspoken understandings, and “code words” proved that Johnson and Clark were conspiring. Sample accusations include: “I knew Clark was admitting to the payoff for the assassination even though he never said he received a payoff for assassinating Kennedy….” The book offers many detailed accounts of conspiratorial meetings that turn out to be not fact but “faction” or “journalistic novelization”-that is, conjecture designed to distract readers from the lack of evidence. McClellan styles the assassination as the defeat of Camelot by Texas's sleazy nexus of dirty politicians, slick lawyers and oil money; the unmasking of Johnson, the personification of such back-room power politics, therefore promises a public “emotional purging” leading to the renewal of democracy. His confusingly structured, evasively argued, often nonsensical theories attest to the crime's continuing potency as a symbol of America's mythic heart of darkness. Photos.

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Best-selling, Oxford-educated investigative author Joseph P. Farrell takes on the Kennedy assassination and the involvement of Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Texas “machine” that he controlled. Farrell says that a coalescence of interests in the military industrial complex, the CIA, and Lyndon Baines Johnson's powerful and corrupt political machine in Texas led to the event culminating in the assassination. Without the help of the Dallas police chief and others of the Texas underworld, including Jack Ruby, the Kennedy assassination could not have taken place.  Farrell analyzes the data as only he can, and comes to some astonishing conclusions. Topics include: Oswald, the FBI, and the CIA: Hoover's Concern of a Second Oswald; Oswald and the Anti-Castro Cubans; The Mafia; Hoover, Johnson, and the Mob; The FBI, the Secret Service, Hoover, and Johnson; The CIA and “Murder Incorporated”; Ruby's Bizarre Behavior; The French Connection and Permindex; Big Oil; The Military;  Disturbing Datasets, Doppelgingers, Duplicates and Discrepancies; Two Caskets, Two (or was that Three?) Ambulances, One Body: The Case of David S. Lifton; Two (or is that Three?) Faces of Oswald; Too Many (or Was That Too Few?) Bullets; Too Many Films, with Too Many, or Too Few, Frames; The Dead Witnesses: Jack Zangretti, Maurice Brooks Gatlin, John Garret “Gary” Underhill, Guy F. Bannister, Jr., Mary Pinchot Meyer, Rose Cheramie, Dorothy Mae Killgallen, Congressman Hale Boggs; The Alchemy of the Assassination: Ritual Magic and Murder, Masonic Symbolism, and the Darkest Players in the Death of JFK; LBJ and the Planning of the Texas Trip; LBJ: A Study in Character, Connections, and Cabals; LBJ and the Aftermath: Accessory After the Fact; The Requirements of Coups and more.

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A medical technician who was at the autopsy states categorically that the body he saw was not the one shown in the official photographs. The mortician who buried Lee Harvey Oswald reveals the startling discovery made when the “assassin's” body was exhumed 18 years later. A highly decorated Army officer says he was trained to eliminate key witnesses

40 years after JFK was shot in Dallas, controversy rages around his assassination. THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY is the most comprehensive examination of the case ever filmed, drawing on exclusive interviews with highly placed government sources and independent investigators. This authoritative six-part series investigates everything from the “Miami Connection” to the possibility that Bobby Kennedy's plan to murder Castro was co-opted and used on his brother!


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