Event: 1-2 Nov San Francisco CrowdConf2011

Collective Intelligence

CrowdConf2011 1-2 November 2011 San Francisco

CrowdConf is the first and leading conference on crowdsourcing and the future of distributed work. CrowdConf brings together an international audience of scholars, executives, policy makers, artists, and technologists for a day of learning, conversation, and networking.

Discussions will include the latest research findings and real-world applications of crowdsourcing, from policy and government to the arts to crisis relief to task design and worker incentives. For those looking to learn more, be sure to join us one day prior to the main event by attending one of these two workshops. CrowdConf2011 will be held in downtown San Francisco. Be sure to book hotel accommodations early and take advantage of all that this charming city has to offer.

Key Topics

  • Human computing
  • Distributed labor
  • Quality assurance and metrics
  • Task design
  • Worker motivation and incentives
  • Labor and the law
  • Computer vision
  • Social and economic impacts
    and implications of crowdsourcing
  • Work distribution systems
  • History of crowdsourcing
  • Applications and innovative projects
  • Limitations of crowdsourcing

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