Event: Oct 6 Wash DC, Oct 2011 Protest to Occupy DC

Civil Society

(Source) “Starting on October 6, 2011, thousands of concerned Americans will assemble in Freedom Plaza, in Washington DC to take control of our country and our lives. We will occupy the plaza and hold a People's Assembly where we come up with just and sustainable solutions to the crises we face and demand that these solutions be presented and that the people's needs be addressed. We will plan and engage in creative acts of civil resistance and demand that our inherent rights and freedoms be protected, and that our children have a chance to live in peace,to breathe clean air, and to grow edible natural food.”

“Will you stand with us and denounce the systems and institutions that support endless war and unrestrained corporate greed ?”

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: It's interesting how often the graphic of the raised fist has been used as mentioned in this video “The Revolution Business.”

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